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The future key player in a smart grid – A flexibility operator?

As the energy market is rapidly changing, due to the massive growth of electricity produced from renewable energy sources, the growing number of prosumers...

Backend adjustments to support e-commerce growth

In online trading, high growth rates of up to 30 percent are the order of the day. However, this can also create a need...
Commercial and industrial insurance: Digitization opportunities at the market level

Commercial and Industrial Insurance: Digitization opportunities at the market level

Digitization is driving change in commercial and industrial insurance. Whether you succeed in taking the step into the digital future will in the long term determine your company’s business success. Read in the first part of our series how digitization is influencing how the actors act in the market.

Using multichannels correctly: Intelligent channel networking can open up new potential

Internet sales figures are continually increasing, while at the same time, retail stores are struggling to maintain their market share. The introduction of multichannel...
DIgitale Revolution im Versicherungswesen?

Digital revolution in the industry: new distribution channels are breaking up old structures

The advent of the Internet triggered a digital revolution that completely redesigned many sectors of the economy. Even in the insurance industry some major changes are emerging that could reshape this industry. We have already seen the first providers using digital platforms to sell insurance.

The delicate little plant “online grocery” in Germany

The German online food trade is still at a modest level – but interest is growing Online food retailing in Germany is still at a...

E-billing mandatory from 2020 for all government suppliers

The e-invoice has been a done deal for quite a while. Legislators decided that this should be mandatory for the highest federal authorities from November 2018, and from 2019, all other German public offices will have to follow suit.

Food delivery into the refrigerator: A trend for Germany?

Online grocery is on the rise, but still faces great challenges. In particular, the delivery of food to the customer poses major problems for...

Dedicated Players Have the Edge: Why Over-the-Counter Retailers Must Have a Radical Rethink

Major online retailers such as eBay and Amazon have been established in Europe for many years. In addition, there are domestic German companies such...

Four steps to a B2B e-commerce platform

Online trading is becoming increasingly popular with B2B buyers. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity and create a B2B e-commerce platform,...