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E-Commerce Trends 2023: Insights from K5

In order to optimally support our customers in the digital transformation of their business processes, we always keep an eye on the development of current megatrends. Industry-specific trade fairs such as K5 are an indispensable source for exchanges with experts and the mutual transfer of expertise.

IT Management & Organizational Development – how IT becomes the digital core

When setting up IT organizations, an effective and efficient structure is crucial. An experienced IT management and organizational development consultancy helps companies take the right steps. A customized IT organization can be developed through a thorough analysis of the company's goals and requirements. This includes defining the right roles and responsibilities, implementing efficient communication channels and establishing clear decision-making processes.

Expertise and consulting for a smooth IT transformation during mergers and carve-outs

In the field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the transformation of the IT infrastructure plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining operations. At mgm, we specialize in managing the IT restructuring process in M&A projects using a comprehensive and clearly defined approach.

Navigating the Critical Steps in an IT Carve-Out Project

Undertaking an IT carve-out project is a complex endeavor that requires meticulous planning and execution. This article delves into the specific stages of an...

MODUL-F goes live: Innovative administrative process project accelerates the digital transformation

At the beginning of July, an important milestone for the internal digitalization of public administration was reached: The first version of the MODUL-F platform is now available on govdigital's EfA marketplace and can be used by federal, state and local authorities. The technical basis is mgm's A12 enterprise low-code platform.

Digitalisation & IT strategy: The roadmap for the digital future

Companies are facing significant challenges in terms of digitalisation. They need to continuously adapt to rapid technological developments and implement innovative solutions to keep...

Insurance Business Analytics – Seven steps to reliable data models in the insurance industry

Deregulation of the German insurance market has led to new regulatory requirements. Maintaining an overview requires thorough analysis, design and implementation of data models tailored to the specific needs of insurance companies. In this way, customized data models can be developed that optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of companies.

Success factors for an ERP transformation with SAP S/4HANA

What can be learned from the risks and difficulties of projects with ERP implementations? No one can guarantee an immediate and smooth implementation of an ERP implementation. Nevertheless, those responsible can avoid the major pitfalls by observing four success factors.

Project Management in Enterprise Software Projects: Consulting as a Success Factor

Enterprise software projects play a crucial role in the digital transformation of companies. The successful implementation of such projects requires effective project management that...

IT infrastructure projects in the OZG context: synergy effects, the EfA principle and the...

IT infrastructure projects are notoriously complex and pose major challenges, especially for federal administrations and municipalities. To meet these challenges efficiently in the OZG context, IT infrastructures can be developed and provided according to the principle of "one for all" (EfA). In projects such as the OZG Cloud, the Funding Finder or MODUL-F, we have gained diverse experience with projects of this kind.