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Creating sustainable structures in public administration with digital consulting

In public administration, there are many services and projects that are supported by external consultants, and not only due to a lack of resources. But what should this collaboration ideally look like so that, at the end of the project, the administration is able to work sustainably with the structures created? We provide insights into our work and our consulting services for public software projects.

Enterprise Software projects successfully implemented: Challenges, Success Factors and the Role of Digital Consulting 

Today's business world is characterized by complex technology landscapes in which powerful software solutions form the backbone of many companies. However, developing and implementing new enterprise software is no simple task. It requires not only technical know-how, but also structured project management to ensure that goals are achieved and schedules are met.

Digital Commerce Consulting: The key to success in commerce

Trade is facing a number of complex challenges at global and national levels. Adapting to these new realities requires careful planning, flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Our advisory services are designed to help companies address these complex challenges and guide them on the path to digital transformation.

More efficiency, less code: The synergy of DevOps and low code

Companies are constantly looking for innovative approaches to accelerate software development and increase operational efficiency. Two methods in particular have stood out here in recent years: low code development and DevOps. Companies achieve the greatest advantages through the productive symbiosis of these two approaches.

mgm at the Nordländer-Congress 2023

This year, the Nordländer Congress will take place in Bremen on October 12, and the motto could hardly be more fitting: "buten un binnen - wagen un winnen". This old motto of the Bremen merchant community shows, even in times of OZG and EfA, that together we can also successfully digitize public administration by looking beyond our own horizons and having the necessary courage.

eGovernment Readers’ Choice Award: mgm goes platinum in the consultant category for the third...

The success story continues: mgm is able to build on the success of the previous two years and once again receives the coveted Platinum Award in the consultant category. With the annual presentation of its prestigious award, Vogel-IT's trade magazine eGovernment Computing honors exceptional achievements in the field of digital administration.

Live after 14 months: Chambers of Tax Consultants create central application portal

Communication with the Chambers of Tax Consultants has become much easier for the more than 100,000 members: Since September 19, they have been able to use 24 uniform administrative services online in a new application portal. mgm supports the chambers in implementing the OZG project.

IT, business and organisation without borders

To find answers to the IT organisation of the future, we should above all question existing boundaries. Companies that do not recognise these developments in time and adapt to them will have a hard time remaining competitive in the future.

E-Commerce Trends 2023: Insights from K5

In order to optimally support our customers in the digital transformation of their business processes, we always keep an eye on the development of current megatrends. Industry-specific trade fairs such as K5 are an indispensable source for exchanges with experts and the mutual transfer of expertise.

IT Management & Organizational Development – how IT becomes the digital core

When setting up IT organizations, an effective and efficient structure is crucial. An experienced IT management and organizational development consultancy helps companies take the right steps. A customized IT organization can be developed through a thorough analysis of the company's goals and requirements. This includes defining the right roles and responsibilities, implementing efficient communication channels and establishing clear decision-making processes.