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Success tactics for tomorrow’s retail

As a fan of 1. FC Köln, the e-Commerce Day is especially enjoyable. After all, the organizers of invite the visitors of the event year after year to Cologne's home stadium. This year the visitors even came very close to the "holy lawn".

How digital transformation is changing B2B retail

For several years now, the research and consulting institute ibi research has been organizing a forum dealing with the practical challenges of B2B e-commerce.

How IT is driving e-commerce forth

code.talks Commerce is undoubtedly one of the largest German developer conferences for e-commerce.

B2C e-commerce in the GAFA age

Last year I already had the opportunity to visit the ECC Forum. While the event I attended in September was primarily aimed at B2B decision-makers, the ECC Köln focused on B2C topics on April 3rd.

Attack of the Microbrands

In his K5 talk, Dr. Martin Schulte focused on a global trend: the attack of numerous microbrands specializing in direct-to-consumer business (D2C) on the business of established consumer goods groups.


In my previous article I summarized the first day of the Internet World Expo. With this text I would like to look back on some selected lectures of the second day.


INTERNET WORLD EXPO 2019 Heinemann: "Europe is at risk of losing touch" Impressions from the TrendArena (Day 1) In 1997 Helmut Kohl entered the penultimate year of...

How does online grocery work in the USA?

Findings from lectures at the Groceryshop 2018 Unfortunately I couldn't visit the Groceryshop in the USA myself, but fortunately the organizers shared some selected lectures...

Food delivery into the refrigerator: A trend for Germany?

Online grocery is on the rise, but still faces great challenges. In particular, the delivery of food to the customer poses major problems for...