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Commercial and Industrial Insurance: Digitization opportunities at the product level – part two

When it comes to opportunities for digitisation in industrial and commercial insurance, the information to be recorded plays a decisive role in risk assessment. This applies to the assessment by an underwriter as well as to the risk decision that a system should make.
Insurance Weekly News CV 22

Insurance Weekly News: CW 22

Insurwave" is a digital platform for transport insurance transactions online. In the future, Gothaer Versicherung will offer agent settlements as BiPRO business transactions. This and more news from the insurance industry in our overview.
Commercial and industrial insurance: Digitization opportunities at the market level

Commercial and Industrial Insurance: Digitization opportunities at the market level

Digitization is driving change in commercial and industrial insurance. Whether you succeed in taking the step into the digital future will in the long term determine your company’s business success. Read in the first part of our series how digitization is influencing how the actors act in the market.
Insurtechs: zwischen Hype und Heilsbringer

Insurtechs: Between hype and savior

Insurtech companies embody technical innovation, optimize business processes and drive digitization forward. Most providers may congregate in the consumer market, but more and more of these startups are now moving into commercial and industrial insurance.
Digitization changes role of Risk Manager.

Digitization changes the role of the risk manager

The assessment of the risks of globally operating companies is becoming increasingly complex. The task of the risk manager is to ensure stability and predictability in this environment. Digital technology offers a wide range of possibilities for processing the extensive data material required for this

What´s coming next in Digital Distribution for Industrial Insurance?

It never was more exciting than today to work for Industrial Insurers and Brokers. There is openness towards change, doing things better or at least different, e.g. exploring new grounds. Let's watch out for what could come next in Industrial Insurance.

When the Customer Doesn’t Fit the Grid

From Underwriter to IT Service Provider - Alexander Stolte’s digitization column I first made the acquaintance of the downsides of digitization when I moved to...

Gray Decisions and the Question of Responsibility

From Underwriter to IT Service Provider – Alexander Stolte’s digitization column.

Integration into Broker Software: Direct Link to the Insurer

Industrial insurers are currently trying out different digitization scenarios for collaboration with sales partners. A highly promising approach is to integrate their sales processes...

Product Digitization in Industrial Insurance: “Many Issues Only Arise During Implementation”

Paper-based processes and mountains of files are on the hit list of industrial insurers. Everybody is talking about digitization, but what will actually happen...