All about digitization in the area of industrial insurance

The customer and risk-centric view: Digitally solved

On the integration of risk management and insurance management in industrial insurance and current digital approaches. Recorded at Event CosmoHub on 15 June 2023.

What is Low Code in industrial insurance? An overview.

About the concept of low-code development and its application in the insurance industry. Recorded at Event CosmoHub on 15 June 2023.

Digital underwriting for industrial insurance: End-to-end thinking and implementation

On the concept of end-to-end digitalisation in industrial insurance underwriting. Recorded at Event CosmoHub on 15 June 2023.

A network instead of a platform: Digital industrial insurance 5.0?

On the concept of digital networks in industrial insurance and their importance compared to traditional platforms. Recorded at Event CosmoHub on 15 June 2023.

FAQ: Low Code in Industrial Insurance

This FAQ answers frequently asked questions about low code in industrial insurance. What does the term mean? Why should insurers, brokers and underwriters in...

Comment: Industrial insurance needs stable software partners for reliable digitization

About the parallels between the industries of industrial insurance and enterprise software development, and how mgm has been offering a stable software solution for industrial business for 17 years with mgm Cosmo.

FAQ: Collective settlements (Bordereau) in industrial insurance

This FAQ answers frequently asked questions about collective settlements respectively collective lists of premiums between market partners in industrial insurance. What is a bordereau? And how can the complex process of collective settlements be automated for insurers, brokers and MGAs?

Digital broker settlement – automated processing of outgoing bordereaus

The complex billing processes between market partners in industrial insurance tie up resources on all sides - without offering customers added value. Especially repetitive processes with always the same data flows offer high automation potential. This article uses the example of outgoing collective settlements to show what automation can look like in concrete terms.

For which industrial insurers and industrial brokers is the BiPRO intermediary settlement interesting?

Settlement processes between insurers and brokers are among the more complex processes in industrial insurance. Premiums, brokerage fees and claims payments are usually not settled individually among each other, but in collective settlements carried out on a monthly or quarterly basis. Insurers and brokers use the terms bordero, agent or insurer collection settlement or brokerage or commission settlement in this context. Tax settlement also frequently falls within this range of topics, as payment flows between the end customer, broker and risk carrier must also be settled here.

FAQ: Digitalised renewal process in industrial insurance

FAQs on various topics give insurers, brokers and underwriters an initial insight into the possibilities of digitizing industrial insurance. Frequently asked questions are answered here and are intended to help identify opportunities and potential for digital industrial insurance. Can the renewal process also be carried out digitally? What are the most important prerequisites for this?