Online trading is becoming increasingly popular with B2B buyers. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity and create a B2B e-commerce platform, here are four steps you will need to consider:

1. Purchase a B2B e-commerce platform, or develop your own

You can add a digital dimension to your business by developing an e-commerce solution yourself, or purchasing a professional facility from the experts. If you plan to develop your B2B platform internally, you will need an IT team with the necessary expertise, and that understands the scope of the project and can install the required capacity. Otherwise, you will need to buy in the skills and technologies you need. If you hire an outside vendor, you will benefit from the market know-how and innovative capabilities of an e-commerce expert who will provide you with software, installation and ongoing support.

2. Engage a B2B e-commerce consultant

A digital transformation involves complex processes, for which you are likely to need the support of a B2B e-commerce consultant. This expert will assess your specific requirements, conduct analyses of your clients and competitors, and then prepare a tailor-made plan for your digital business transformation. This will ensure that you make the most of your investment and develop a thorough understanding of the features and capabilities of your new B2B e-commerce platform.

3. Choose the right B2B e-commerce platform

When it comes to choosing the right e-commerce platform, the complexity and size of your business are the most critical issues. Most importantly, your solution must integrate all digital and physical customer touchpoints – including online communications and mobile channels, point-of-sale and call centres, as well as both print media and social media.

4. Implement an effective B2B e-commerce platform

Last but not least, you need a partner to help you implement and/or migrate your business to your new e-commerce platform. Your ultimate objective must be to start online commerce as effectively as possible with a well-designed solution to improve the customer experience you can offer.

Conclusion: With the right expertise and digital technologies, you can implement a B2B e-commerce platform for your trading business, which will meet your customers’ expectations.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.