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Marc Philipp Gösswein

Marc Philipp Gösswein is Executive Vice President and Head of Industrial Insurance.

What´s coming next in Digital Distribution for Industrial Insurance?

It never was more exciting than today to work for Industrial Insurers and Brokers. There is openness towards change, doing things better or at least different, e.g. exploring new grounds. Let's watch out for what could come next in Industrial Insurance.

What capabilities should Industrial Insurers build to offer digital underwriting on...

Product Digitalization of specific insurance products is the pre-requisite for any online sales/collaboration activity. On top, depending on the sales context (broker, bank, affinity, etc.) underwriting related processes, local market and partner related specialties need to be considered.

What exactly is a digital product in Industrial Insurance?

Across the industry there are different understandings of a digital product’s scope.