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mgm A12 test data generator: automatic test data generation for complex forms in model-based...

The more extensive and complex forms in an application become, the more hopeless it is to provide test data manually. mgm has therefore developed...

Quality Assurance in Model-Based Enterprise Software: Increasing Efficiency with the mgm Approach

The use of models facilitates and accelerates quality assurance in enterprise software and helps to improve overall quality. How has mgm succeeded in raising quality assurance in its model-based enterprise software to a new level?

mgm at the Software Quality Days 2023

mgm will be present at the Software Quality Days from May 23 to 25, 2023 with strong participation in presentations in the disciplines "DevSecOps" and "Quality Assurance Accompanying Development" as well as an information booth.

Deepdive A12 End-to-End Test Automation

This article provides an introduction to model-driven, end-to-end testing of enterprise applications and a technical deep dive into the A12 test automation toolchain.