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A12: Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

This FAQ answers a series of frequently asked questions about the Enterprise Low Code Platform A12. You will learn what Low Code is, how mgm defines it, and how this approach is applied in A12.

Enterprise low code and cloud computing: more speed for IT and business

Companies need to be able to adapt and innovate in near real time to keep pace with ever-changing demands and customer needs. One of the most promising technology combinations to meet these requirements is the fusion of low code and cloud computing. In this article, we highlight the benefits of this combination.

Quality Assurance in Model-Based Enterprise Software: Increasing Efficiency with the mgm Approach

The use of models facilitates and accelerates quality assurance in enterprise software and helps to improve overall quality. How has mgm succeeded in raising quality assurance in its model-based enterprise software to a new level?

Aldi Nord is not alone: Industrial principles in enterprise software projects can prevent failure

A failed software project is currently delaying the purchasing integration of Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. In SAP projects, the rule of thumb within...
Lilia Gargouri Quality Team

Interview mgm Quality Team: “Quality assurance has undergone remarkable holistic development.”

In recent years, quality assurance processes have been continuously improved and optimized. Together with the mgm Quality Team, we take a look behind the scenes of this development.
Quality assurance in enterprise software is an integrated development process.

Quality assurance in long-lived, complex enterprise software

Software bugs can cost millions and bring a company to a complete standstill. To prevent this from happening, it is important to develop secure, stable, and high-quality business applications - and to do so through quality assurance that is anchored in the entire software development process from the very beginning.