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Data mapping – an underestimated hurdle of register modernization?

Discussions surrounding the modernization of registers in Germany focus primarily on the data-protection-compliant merging of register data from different areas. And quite rightly so. At the same time, however, this ignores other challenges that only arise in practice after data exchange - for example, the mapping of source data to the correct target fields.

Register modernization, OZG and competence bundling in administration: mgm at the Zukunftskongress

From June 19-21, the future congress State and Administration will take place in Berlin's Westhafen (WECC). At the leading event for modern and digital Germany, which deals with the challenges and opportunities of digitization and technological innovation in the public sector, mgm will be represented on all three days of the congress with contributions on various topics.

Register Consolidation – a Booster for Modernization?

The modernization of the German register landscape follows the principle of federal-decentralized data management. However, there is currently no systematic consolidation of registers of the same type. This threatens to result in additional work, time delays and higher costs during implementation - although more centralized approaches can also be implemented in compliance with data protection requirements.

Digitizing Registers – Challenges and Approaches

Digitized registers are a foundation for a networked bureaucracy. The Register Modernization Act at national level and the Single Digital Gateway Regulation (SDG Regulation) at international level serve as legal requirements. But what sounds simple harbors many challenges due to the complex register landscape.