Bringing the OZG 2.0 onto the home straight – mgm at the “Digital State”  

The Digital State – one of the most important events for digital transformation in Germany: this year, the congress organized by Behörden Spiegel will take place from 12 to 13 March at Vienna House Andel’s Berlin under the motto “faster, stronger, more sovereign – together”. Numerous participants from the public administration sector will discuss the latest trends and developments in the field of digital administration.

The OZG 2.0
Despite some progress in recent years, the level of digitization in public administration has so far fallen well short of expectations. The OZG 2.0 now offers new opportunities to successfully bring the digitalization of public administration onto the home straight. Coordinated cooperation at all federal levels is crucial for this. The focus here is particularly on the municipalities. After all, they are responsible for the implementation of up to 80 percent of OZG services.

However, in order to bring the digitization of public administration to a wider area, targeted control is required at state level. It is therefore important that the federal government, the federal states and local authorities achieve nationwide digitalization of public administration as quickly as possible. In some cities and municipalities, the digital future has already become part of everyday life. Numerous municipalities in Schleswig-Holstein and Bavaria have been using the OZG cloud productively for several months as a kind of operating system for municipal digital administration.

Sporty to the finish – How the Online Access Act paves the way to a digital finish
Expert forum 1: Tuesday, March 12, 12:10-13:30

Moderation: Verena Schrewe-Mörk, Project Manager service-bw and OZG-Hub, Ministry of the Interior, Digitization and Municipalities Baden-Württemberg

Impulse: Dr. Lars Algermissen, Managing Director, PICTURE

  • Roland Kreutzer, Partner and Head of Consulting Public Sector, mgm
  • Eckhard Riege, EfA service Digital building permit with process room – Deputy Head of Department, Ministry of the Interior, Construction and Digitization of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Ernst Bürger, Head of Digital Administration Department; OZG Management, Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Homeland Affairs
  • Sirko Scheffler, Managing Director, brain-SCC

Register modernization
The topic of register modernization is also of particular importance in OZG 2.0. This is because modern registers are the basis for offering administrative services to citizens and companies digitally and making administrative processes more efficient. This is the case in Hamburg, for example: in an agile project, the Hanseatic city has completely digitized its shipping register and now benefits from a convenient, secure and future-proof solution. In addition to the technical and conceptual issues of register modernization that are currently the subject of much discussion, the question of data mapping and the consolidation of the register landscape is also increasingly coming into focus.

Register modernisation
Expert forum 8: Tuesday, 12 March, 12:10-13:30

Moderation: Guido Gehrt, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Behörden Spiegel

  • Janos Standt, Head of Public Sector, mgm
  • Stefan Rauner, General Portfolio Manager, Governikus
  • Michael Pfleger, Overall Programme Manager Register Modernisation, FITKO (Federal IT Cooperation)

Register modernisation – The tartan track of administrative digitisation
Expert forum 18: Wednesday, 13 March, 13:40-15:00

Moderation: Dr. Eva-Charlotte Proll, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Behörden Spiegel

  • Christina Hermanns, Principal Consultant, mgm
  • Dr. Brigitte Klamroth, Head of Communications Programme for the Overall Management of Register Modernisation, Office for IT and Digitisation, Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg – Senate Chancellery
  • Christoph Harnoth, SDG Coordinator, Federal Ministry of the Interior and Home Affairs
  • Katrin Giebel, Head of Office, Vitako – Federal Association of Municipal IT Service Providers e.V.
  • Dr. Ralf Sieg, Head of the President’s Office / Press Spokesperson, Hessian Court of Audit
  • Hannes Kühn, Head of Secretariat, National Regulatory Control Council (NKR)