Register modernization, OZG and competence bundling in administration: mgm at the Future Congress

From June 19-21, the future congress State and Administration will take place in Berlin's Westhafen (WECC). At the leading event for modern and digital Germany, which deals with the challenges and opportunities of digitization and technological innovation in the public sector, mgm will be represented on all three days of the congress with contributions on various topics.

BVDW Internet Agency Ranking: mgm in 9th place again

Almost 160 companies from the digital industry have taken part in this year's survey and provided figures. The result is the well-known BVDW Internet Agency Ranking - now in its 22nd edition. mgm once again makes it to 9th place with reportable digital revenues of 79.5 million euros and thus once again among the top 10 in the industry.

How Architectural Decisions Impact Threat Modeling and Security

In threat modeling, various methods can be obtain an overall picture of an application's vulnerabilities and the various mitigation measures. Almost all available methods are based on the fact that a digital system is first designed by its architecture. This usually includes all known components within an application or IT system, how they are interconnected, and where trust boundaries lie. Early decisions about the architecture can therefore have a major impact.

Quality Assurance in Model-Based Enterprise Software: Increasing Efficiency with the mgm Approach

The use of models facilitates and accelerates quality assurance in enterprise software and helps to improve overall quality. How has mgm succeeded in raising quality assurance in its model-based enterprise software to a new level?

eGovernment Readers’ Choice Awards 2023: Nominated in the Consultant category

We are delighted to have been nominated again for the eGovernment Readers' Choice Award in the Consultant category. Having already received the Platinum Award in 2021 and 2022, we want to make the triple perfect this year. You can easily help us to do this by voting for mgm in the Consultant category.

Register Consolidation – a Booster for Modernization?

The modernization of the German register landscape follows the principle of federal-decentralized data management. However, there is currently no systematic consolidation of registers of the same type. This threatens to result in additional work, time delays and higher costs during implementation - although more centralized approaches can also be implemented in compliance with data protection requirements.

Aldi Nord is not alone: Industrial principles in enterprise software projects can prevent failure

A failed software project is currently delaying the purchasing integration of Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. In SAP projects, the rule of thumb within...

Successful ERP transformation with the ADDVALUE framework

Unfortunately, slowed down or failed ERP projects are not an isolated case. The reasons for this are mostly due to the complexity of the project, because the introduction of ERP systems such as SAP S/4HANA is more than just a technical changeover. The ADDVALUE framework helps to ensure a smooth transition.

Understanding How to Mitigate Security Threats and Risks with Threat Modeling

In the field of security of web applications and mobile apps, threat modeling is a method that can be considered primarily as a means of performing deliberate risk management. There are many ways to identify and assess threats. Although the techniques differ: The basic principle is always to use them to identify the risks to an application or IT system and, more importantly, to agree on what those risks are.

mgm at the Software Quality Days 2023

mgm will be present at the Software Quality Days from May 23 to 25, 2023 with strong participation in presentations in the disciplines "DevSecOps" and "Quality Assurance Accompanying Development" as well as an information booth.