From code to customer: How DevOps is reshaping enterprise software engineering

DevOps plays a crucial role in the development of enterprise software, as large organisations benefit massively from better deployment of their complex and scalable software solutions. At mgm, DevOps is already an integral part of the software development process.

eGovernment Readers’ Choice Award: mgm goes platinum in the consultant category for the third...

The success story continues: mgm is able to build on the success of the previous two years and once again receives the coveted Platinum Award in the consultant category. With the annual presentation of its prestigious award, Vogel-IT's trade magazine eGovernment Computing honors exceptional achievements in the field of digital administration.

Mastering Complexity: Model-Based Software Development for Enterprise Software

In the development of long-lasting complex enterprise software, it is crucial to master the increasing complexity in order to make it flexible and reliably operational throughout its entire lifecycle. What opportunities does model-based software development offer in this regard?

Live after 14 months: Chambers of Tax Consultants create central application portal

Communication with the Chambers of Tax Consultants has become much easier for the more than 100,000 members: Since September 19, they have been able to use 24 uniform administrative services online in a new application portal. mgm supports the chambers in implementing the OZG project.

Successful Hackathon in Kiel: OZG Cloud and Low Code/No Code

After 2022, another hackathon was held in Kiel: "SH:digital". Over the course of four days, experts from manufacturers and public administration worked together in various teams to develop initial solutions for the digitization of administrative processes using different LowCode/NoCode tools.

The Lord of Fields Awakens – Origin of the A12-Tools

The original concepts and early versions of a software often leave traces that remain visible even after years of further development. This also applies to our Enterprise Low Code Platform A12. But what did the beginnings of tool development look like? What continuities are there to this day?

1,000 employees and the expansion of the management team: mgm continues to grow

There are two very exciting events happening at mgm: We reached 1,000 employees at the beginning of September and our management team is growing. Beate Harr, Head of Finance since 2017, and Gertrud Rossa, Head of Human Resources since 2012, have joined the management team, which now consists of ten people. In addition, Dr. Steffen Weber, who has been a member of mgm's Executive Board since 2008, was appointed by the shareholders as the second Managing Director.

FAQ: Low Code in Public Administration

This FAQ answers frequently asked questions on the topic of low code in the public sector - from the significance of the solution approach and the possible uses in public administration to security and further development options for low code platforms.

IT, business and organisation without borders

To find answers to the IT organisation of the future, we should above all question existing boundaries. Companies that do not recognise these developments in time and adapt to them will have a hard time remaining competitive in the future.

E-Commerce Trends 2023: Insights from K5

In order to optimally support our customers in the digital transformation of their business processes, we always keep an eye on the development of current megatrends. Industry-specific trade fairs such as K5 are an indispensable source for exchanges with experts and the mutual transfer of expertise.