Relieving the burden on IT specialists in local authorities – with the OZG Cloud

The OZG-Cloud is a pioneering project to advance the digitalization of administration in Germany. The platform, which was commissioned by the state of Schleswig-Holstein and the IT-Verbund Schleswig-Holstein (ITV.SH) and developed under an open source license, offers local authorities the opportunity to process applications from online services. The advantages: Reduction of workload, collaboration option between individual municipalities and forwarding of digital applications to specialist processes. The connection to the OZG cloud also means less work for IT specialists.

Taking flight levels further: the mgm flow model for effective business agility

In the flow model, we have added two further perspectives to the flight levels and specifically include customer requirements and market developments in the analysis, as well as product utilisation and customer satisfaction. In this way, we support the customer-orientation of companies and the focus on results.

Bringing the OZG 2.0 onto the home straight – mgm at the “Digital State”  

The Digital State - one of the most important events for digital transformation in Germany: this year, the congress organised by Behörden Spiegel will take place from 12 to 13 March at Vienna House Andel's Berlin under the motto "faster, stronger, more sovereign - together". Numerous participants from public administration will discuss the latest trends and developments in the field of digital administration.

E-world energy & water 2024: Consulting for the energy transition

E-world energy & water, the leading trade fair for the European energy industry, will take place in Essen from 20 to 22 February 2024. Our focus is on creating added value for the energy industry - be it in the areas of innovation or process management, business agility, organisational development or IT management.

Business agility, change management and low code: mgm at TRANSFORM 2024

On 6 & 7 March 2024, everything in Berlin will revolve around the digital transformation of companies. At the expo and stages, in networking and learning formats, TRANSFORM will showcase solutions and bring them to life. We will also be part of the digital transformation there and look forward to seeing you at the Expo and in our programme on the topics of business agility, flight levels, change management and low code.

The importance of European standards for German register modernization

Standards exist to standardise and simplify processes. With regard to the implementation of the Register Modernisation Act, more and more stakeholders are calling for their use. The connection of registers is not only required by law at national level, but also at European level through the Single Digital Gateway Regulation. In order to enable the secure and low-maintenance transmission of data, it is important to maintain an overview of the range of existing and developing standards at national and European level.

Building an Offline-First Application

Offline-first applications not only provide advantages in offline scenarios but also enhance the user experience and diminish the effort required for custom REST interfaces. By combining this approach with an event-driven architecture, they establish the foundation for reliable and robust modern web applications.

mgm at the Bavarian Future Congress – with a focus on register modernization

mgm opens the Public Sector Congress Season 2024 in Munich: Under the motto "Let's do it! Creating the "Digital Administration House"", the Bavarian Future Congress of the Behörden Spiegel will take place on 6 February 2024. It offers an established platform for current and future developments in the digitalisation of the state and local authorities. The patron of the Future Congress is Dr Fabian Mehring, Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs.

Hackathon on the digitalization of tax law took place with mgm participation

The second hackathon at LMUDigiTax took place in November 2023. Topic: Digital-compatible tax laws using the example of special depreciation for heat pumps. For this purpose, Capgemini, in cooperation with mgm, prepared a draft of an enforcement-oriented standard for the special depreciation of heat pumps. This was in turn technically implemented by mgm in cooperation with Capgemini using the Enterprise Low Code platform A12.

Transform paper forms into user-friendly digital experiences in six UI/UX steps

The transition from traditional paper forms to user-friendly digital interfaces is in full swing in the course of digitisation. However, this seemingly simple task harbours numerous pitfalls that can be avoided. In this article, we present six UI/UX steps that explain the intricacies of this crucial transition.