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Model-driven software development: Visualize differences between model versions and variants in low-code platforms

Analyzing and clearly presenting differences between model versions and variants is critical for effective collaborative model-driven software development. In this article, we show how differences in models and data can be visualized using inline-diff editors on the mgm A12 Enterprise Low-Code Platform. Since the underlying concepts are universal, the approach can also be applied to other low-code platforms.

A12: Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

This FAQ answers a series of frequently asked questions about the Enterprise Low Code Platform A12. You will learn what Low Code is, how mgm defines it, and how this approach is applied in A12.

mgm technology partners shines at MODELS 23 in Västerås, Sweden

During the first week of October, the A12 Simple Model Editor (SME) team attended the prestigious Conference for Model-Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 23) in Västerås, Sweden, and reaffirmed mgm technology partners' commitment to innovation and leadership in the field of model-driven software development.