During the first week of October, Katrin Hölldobler, Arvid Butting and myself, all members of mgm A12 Simple Model Editor (SME) Team, had the privilege of attending the prestigious Conference for Model-Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 23) in Västerås, Sweden.

This research conference stands as a beacon in the realm of model-driven software development within academia, attracting 324 delegates from various corners of the globe. While most attendees were from research institutions, there was also a significant presence from industry – including our own mgm team.

mgm as Gold Sponsor and Showcase the A12 Low Code-Platform

Notably, mgm technology partners took center stage as a Gold Sponsor of the event, giving us the opportunity to showcase the mgm A12 Enterprise Low Code platform at our exhibition booth throughout the conference. We had enlightening conversations with many attendees who were new to A12. In particular, because of their background in model-driven practices, we received several in-depth inquiries about A12’s modeling capabilities.

A lot of traffic at the mgm booth

Adding another layer of significance to our participation, Arvid Butting and I delivered A12-related presentations during various segments of the conference.

Arvid Butting, mgm A12 SME team, while presenting at MODELS 23

Arvid Butting presented a collaborative research paper co-authored with Prof. Timo Kehrer of the University of Bern. The paper explored the intriguing concept of integrating model difference tools into a low-code platform – where the A12-platform served as the backdrop for our demonstration.

Timo Greifenberg gives a presentation about A12 at Industry Day.

For my part, I had the privilege of presenting at the conference’s Industry Day, a forum where company representatives highlight the projects, they are actively involved in. I provided a comprehensive overview of A12’s modeling capabilities, which resonated with an eager audience.

Exploring Conference Insights: The Intersection of AI and Model-Driven Engineering

Beyond our own presentations, we immersed ourselves in the rich tapestry of conference sessions, absorbing the latest trends and insights in model-driven software development.

Not surprisingly, one of the most hotly debated topics revolved around the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on model-driven engineering (MDE). The conference not only served as a platform to showcase mgm’s extensive expertise in model-driven software development, but also fostered invaluable connections within the global research community.


In a week full of insights and collaborations, MODELS 23 in Västerås, Sweden, reaffirmed mgm technology partners’ commitment to innovation and leadership in the field of model-driven software development.