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Microservices - part 3

Microservices: Customer orientation makes a critical difference (Part three)

The previous parts of our series on microservices presented the functionality of this technology and explained its fundamental advantages. The third part describes some particularly important advantages in more detail. The focus here is on the individual adaptation of the customer experience.
Microservices - Part 2

Microservices: Data Exchange in Real Time for the Insurance Industry (Part two)

Innovative technologies, in which insurance companies invest hundreds of millions of euros, make completely new applications possible. The focus here is on transmitting data in real time via microservices or similar technologies.
Microservices - Innovation for Insurance

Microservices: An Innovative Platform for Insurers (Part one)

Many well-known Internet companies - such as Amazon, Twitter, Netflix or Uber - have built their platforms with microservices. This technology also offers numerous new opportunities in the insurance sector and can trigger innovations that extend to all areas of the company.

Microservices are not simply an IT topic!

Microservices are small, independent programs that perform a well-defined task, and have long been part of the IT landscape. A common interface allows each...

Forward to New Markets!

Generating new revenues by means of international webshop rollouts is an idea with which many retail enterprises are currently flirting. Due to numerous pitfalls, venturing digitally into foreign markets is, however, anything but child’s play.