mgm technology partners has joined forces with the insurance broker GOSSLER, GOBERT & WOLTERS (GGW), founded in 1758, to implement the decision announced in the summer of 2020 and found the insurance broker “IPP northport InsurancePartner Platform GmbH”, based in Hamburg, in equal parts.

northport offers both industrial brokers and insurers the opportunity to operate their business in the digital world and share innovations.

“When it comes to digitalisation, the entire industry has such an enormous amount of catching up to do that many in the industrial business are at a loss as to what to do,” says Sebastian Jochheim, Partner at GGW. “With the joint venture northport, we succeed in combining the special technical expertise of mgm technology partners in industrial business with our expertise as an insurance broker, built up over generations.”

The main task of the management team, consisting of Monica Dennert and Benjamin Zühr, will be to establish fair, long-term partnerships for digital development in the industrial segment, which also includes exclusivity. “Demand-oriented, efficient solutions always take into account the individual customer interest. That is our self-image”, adds Benjamin Zühr.

“Northport offers industrial brokers and insurers broad, digital market access for complex industrial business. This is achieved through a lasting partnership in which we follow a common strategic vision in the long term,” explains Hamarz Mehmanesh, owner of mgm technology partners. “We want to convince brokers qualitatively with a high process service level, attractive products and an end-customer focus. Industrial insurers gain transparent risk placement, immanent data sovereignty, rule-based underwriting and digital innovations with a focus on industrial insurance.”

In this way, northport solves two challenges of the industry: digitalisation and underwriting capacity, and does so on the basis of a common network for the benefit of all stakeholders.