The Bavarian Future Congress of Behörden Spiegel took place at the end of February under the motto “The summit in view – the rise of digital administration in the Free State”. Not on site in Munich, of course, but entirely online. Patron of the congress: Judith Gerlach, Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs. Hamarz Mehmanesh, founder and CEO of mgm, discussed digital sovereignty in one of the ten expert forums.

“The entire Elster tax data budget and the technical logic behind it are maintained by our customer,” Hamarz Mehmanesh began by explaining the concept of technical sovereignty. The well-known ELSTER tax system served as an example of this mgm basic philosophy by means of model-based development. “We just created the tools to make it possible,” said Mehmanesh. This was the first of three fields of action he outlined in an opening statement from mgm’s point of view. Field of action no. 2: Platform Sovereignty, no. 3: State Sovereignty.

Multi-layered concept of “Digital Sovereignty”

In terms of content, it was an intensive and interesting tour through various aspects of the concept of sovereignty and the theoretical and practical perspectives for the future design of digitalisation in the public sector. The topics ranged from an evaluation matrix of the controllability and control of digital use cases to data management and infrastructures to – of course, with this overriding theme – open source software and components. All in all, a lot of material for too short 90 minutes.

At peak times more than 60, on average mid-50 spectators followed the discussion of the representatives of administration, science and business*. With five parallel expert forums and around 300 registered participants, a good interest in this fundamental topic.

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*The setting of the expert forum “Digitalisation II: Digital Sovereignty” at the Future Congress Bavaria 2021:

  • Presentation: Guido Gehrt, Head of the Editorial Office (Bonn), Behörden Spiegel
  • Thomas Bönig, CIO/CDO, State Capital Munich
  • Hamarz Mehmanesh, CEO, mgm technology partners
  • Resa Mohabbat Kar, Research Associate, Competence Centre Public IT (ÖFIT)
  • Otto Neuer, Vice President Sales Central Europe, denodo
  • Thomas Schauf, Senior Expert Public & Regulatory Affairs, Deutsche Telekom