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Commerce Weekly News: Content Commerce, Online Grocery, Standard software in B2B

Overview of the news of CW 24/2019 #Strategy Has Amazon reached its peak?

New opportunities for retail?

What opportunities do trading companies have at a time when even Amazon seems to be reaching its first growth limits? To this question the speakers of the K5 tried once again to give their personal answers.

Commerce Weekly News: Subscription Commerce, Mobile First, Amazon

Overview of the news of CW 23/2019 #Strategy 10 Takeaways From The 2019 World Retail Congress

Commerce Weekly News: New unicorns, Market niches, Online Grocery in the US

Overview of the news of CW 22/2019 #Strategy The unicorns of retail

Success tactics for tomorrow’s retail

As a fan of 1. FC Köln, the e-Commerce Day is especially enjoyable. After all, the organizers of invite the visitors of the event year after year to Cologne's home stadium. This year the visitors even came very close to the "holy lawn".

Commerce Weekly News: D2C brands, GDPR, Product data

Overview of the news of CW 21/2019 #Strategy E-commerce guru David Bell in the OMR podcast: "New brands have to solve a problem."

The Omnichannel Sound: How to Harmonize Different Channels

How can brick and mortar and digital business be harmoniously combined so that, ideally, the perfect "omnichannel sound" is created? This question was raised last week during the EHI Omnichannel Days.

How digital transformation is changing B2B retail

For several years now, the research and consulting institute ibi research has been organizing a forum dealing with the practical challenges of B2B e-commerce.

Commerce Weekly News: Three-Year Plans, B2B Marketplaces, Make or Buy?

Overview of the news of CW 20/2019 #Strategy Why three-year plans are outdated

From Agile to Waterfall

It is hard to imagine software development without the agile project approach. Since the signing of the "Agile Manifesto" some two decades ago, numerous companies have gained experience with agile working method.