Overview of the news of CW 24/2019


Has Amazon reached its peak?

What does the declining growth of the Amazon trade division mean for retail? This was one of the key questions of the e-commerce conference K5, which took place on 4 and 5 June in Berlin. Jochen G. Fuchs dealt with the different answers in his conference follow-up report for “t3n”.

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How About You and Westwing make revenue with content and earn more by the way

Retailers such as About You and Westwing demonstrate the importance that professionally created content can have in e-commerce. Iki Kühn has looked at the presentations of the companies at the K5 and analysed their approaches in detail.

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#Online Grocery

“The breakthrough’s already here.” How start-ups and specialists shape the shopping habits of tomorrow

Picnic, Flaschenpost, HelloFresh, GetNow, … – the list of food retailers who were allowed to present their strategies on the K5 stage a few days ago is long. Peer Schader was on site and noted down the most important learnings in the “Supermarktblog”.

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From the shop straight into the fridge: How Walmart wants to outdo Amazon

Walmart wants to experiment in the USA with delivering food directly into the fridge. Starting this fall, one million customers in Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Vero Beach will initially be able to take advantage of the service.

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B2B Digital Commerce: Standard software doesn’t work any more

How can one differentiate oneself from the competition in B2B e-commerce? Lennart Paul answers this question in his current article. Central finding: In his opinion, the use of standard software is not the right way.

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“Companies must overcome their transformation inertia.”

The Online B2B Conference took place in Munich on 4 and 5 June. This year’s keynote was given by Stefan Hentschel, Leader Tech-Industrial and B2B Markets at Google. Laura Melchior has summarized his most important theses.

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“Distribution must be digitized.”

Olaf Mörk, Director Marketing and Communication at Dehn + Söhne, gave another highly acclaimed presentation at the Online B2B Conference. In his lecture, he focused on the question of how to think from the customer’s point of view in B2B marketing.

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#Marketplaces & Platforms

How AliExpress wants to become No. 1 – in Russia and elsewhere

Jochen Krisch deals with the strategy of AliExpress in a recent blog post. Accordingly, the company is currently concentrating primarily on markets in which Amazon is not yet represented – such as Russia.

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Ecommerce in UK to reach €200 billion in 2019

So far, no Brexit fears have been felt in British e-commerce. The Ecommerce Foundation calculated that e-commerce in the United Kingdom will generate a revenue of over 200 billion euros for the first time this year. This would mean an increase of 14.6 percent compared to the previous year.

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One in five consumers plans to return a product

A customer- and convenience-oriented returns process can be a decisive factor in convincing customers. As a recent study by ECC Köln and Hermes Germany shows, every fifth customer actively plans a return.

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