Overview of the news of CW 22/2019


The unicorns of retail

With Away (suitcases), Casper (mattresses), Glossier (beauty) and Rent the Runway (fashion), four D2C companies have already achieved a market valuation of over 1 billion dollars this year. What is the formula for success of the new unicorns? Cara Salpini took a closer look at the respective strategies for “Retail Dive”.

>> Retail Dive

4 Steps to Discover an Ecommerce Product Niche

An existence next to Amazon is often only possible in the niche. But how do you find such niches? Armando Roggio gives valuable hints in his contribution for “Practical Ecommerce”.

>> Practical Ecommerce

#Online Grocery

THE ONLINE GROCERY REPORT: The market, drivers, key players, and opportunities in a rising segment of e-commerce

Online grocery is growing rapidly in the USA. According to a forecast by “Business Insider”, 117 billion dollars could be realized in this segment by 2023. Reason enough to take a closer look at the relevant competitors and their strategies.

>> Business Insider


B2B: Holistic solution approaches instead of simple aggregation of supply and demand

Digitalization is slowly but surely also affecting B2B retail. But what is the best way for affected retailers to respond? The ECC Köln has developed nine theses on sustainable business models in B2B.

>> ECC Köln

Insight Tuesday #5: Engelbert Strauss and new figures on B2B e-commerce

In a new blog post, Lennart Paul deals with two important topics of B2B e-commerce: On the one hand, he evaluates the figures on B2B e-commerce recently published by IFH, and on the other hand he highlights the decision of the workwear manufacturer Engelbert Strauss not to sell its products via Amazon.

>> Warenausgang

#Marketplaces & Platforms

Study: The best marketplaces for mail order companies

More and more marketplaces are open to online merchants. But which are the most convincing? The dealer association has asked over 1,000 online retailers for their opinion on the five largest marketplaces in Germany and found out that eBay in particular is currently convincing.

>> Versandhausberater

Exchanges #225: AliExpress and the Chinese from next door

In their current podcast Jochen Krisch and Marcel Weiß talk about Alibaba’s European strategy. What can we expect from the Chinese in the coming years?

>> Exciting Commerce


Click and Collect is becoming increasingly important for retailers

More and more retailers are offering click-and-collect services to their customers. But are such offers really in demand? The magazine “Internet World Business” takes a closer look at the strategies of retailers.

>> Internet World Business


E-Commerce Study 2019

What distinguishes e-commerce customers in Switzerland? The communications agency Y&R Wunderman is investigating this question in a recent study. One key finding is that e-commerce is increasingly transforming into mobile commerce in Switzerland as well. The most popular shopping app, however, does not belong to Amazon.

>> Y&R Wunderman


The spectre GDPR is not yet banished

Even one year after the entry into force of the GDPR, many companies are still a long way from being able to check the issue off. According to a survey by the German-speaking SAP user group, only 12 percent of the companies surveyed assume that they already fully meet the requirements of the regulation.

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