Merger of mgm and eForce21 GmbH from Munich

mgm technology partners and Munich IT development company eForce21 GmbH are merging. mgm has acquired 100 percent of the shares from founder and CEO Klaus Schlumpberger. The two companies agreed not to disclose details of the transaction. In the medium term, the company will be integrated into mgm and continued as the mgm’s 17th site “Munich South”.

Short & Concise

  • Merger combines IT expertise for innovative enterprise solutions, AI-supported image recognition and voice processing/chatbots.
  • Following the merger, mgm technology partners will grow to over 750 employees at 17 locations worldwide.
  • eForce21 founder Klaus Schlumpberger remains on-board and will continue to oversee mgm’s new ‘Munich South’ location.

eForce21 was founded by IT specialist Schlumpberger and began operating in mid-2015. The company focuses on custom software development and IT consulting. Right from its early days, the growing team has been implementing projects for major customers, which currently include Knorr-Bremse, Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) & Stadtwerke München, MAN and IFCO. The company has 41 employees based at their office in the south of Munich (district of Obersendling). Klaus Schlumpberger will remain on board and will continue to be responsible for the eForce21 team, as well as for customers and partners.

Innovative IT solutions and new range of opportunities

Over the past four years, mgm and eForce21 have already established a trusting partnership, working together on major customer projects: “The expertise of eForce21 is ideally suited for many of our projects and customer requirements, and the corporate culture and approach to good enterprise architecture are an outstanding fit for mgm,” says mgm CEO Hamarz Mehmanesh. “I am very much looking forward to building on the excellent partnership we have developed in recent years and offering innovative shared IT solutions for our customers.” eForce21 founder Klaus Schlumpberger believes the merger will provide new shared opportunities for the two companies: “As a medium-sized service provider, we are already working for outstanding major customers on some extremely challenging IT projects. However, the size and international nature of mgm will open up a whole new range of opportunities for our shared expertise and highly specialised solutions.”

Expertise: machine learning in image recognition

A key in-house product in the eForce21 portfolio is DATAGYM.AI. The SaaS (Software as a Service) solution enables data scientists and experts in machine learning to label images up to 10 times faster with the aid of AI tools. Particularly in B2B business, there is a huge range of potential application scenarios, ranging from autonomous driving and production automation through to e-commerce and security applications. Together with mgm’s expertise in voice processing and chatbots, these are still relatively recent developments which are gaining in significance.

As well as these topics of tomorrow, the eForce21 developers also spend their days working on durable, secure and highly complex business applications, as do many international mgm teams. The focus here is on model-based software development, which, from mgm’s perspective, are a fundamental requirement for short development times and fast adaptation to changes.