IT Awards 2023 “Low Code / No Code”: Can mgm defend the title?

Last year, there was already great pleasure: mgm was nominated for the first time at the IT awards of Vogel IT-Medien – and won platinum right away! This year, we are entering this year’s race as titleholder in the Readers’ Choice Awards of Dev-Inside magazine. The goal: to be in the final again and to be a guest at the festive gala in Augsburg.

As the low-code platform A12 has continued to develop handsomely in recent months (see, for example, the latest issue of Release News), the large A12 team has made its contribution. In addition, with MODUL-F and Förderfinder, for example, major new projects are in the works that are based on A12 and will be important parts of an infrastructure for public administration.

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Recognition for A12 team and low code base

Ansgar Weiss, long-time project manager at A12, was at the awards ceremony last year and is looking forward to the competition again this year: “What we have achieved in the team over the past year makes us proud, both in terms of technology and customer projects launched. The functions have become more diverse, the ease of use has increased, and the efficient, secure structure of the software production line has continued to make strong gains in quality.”

Sergio Lerena Robles, member of the mgm management team and responsible for ELSTER, among other things, adds: “The first-time nomination, then the platinum certificate electrified all mgm colleagues. A12 is now very well positioned in the low code world and makes an important contribution to digitization. The attention from the award was also reward for the many years under the radar. We are excited to see how it turns out this year.”

Silver, gold and platinum for the entire IT industry

Now in their ninth year, the IT Awards are organized by the seven trade portals of Vogel IT-Medien (part of the Vogel Communications Group). mgm is nominated in the “Low Code / No Code” category, one of six categories offered by Dev-Insider. Other categories include DevOps, Teamwork and Testing. Prizes are awarded in 42 categories across all portals, with ten companies and solution providers shortlisted in each category. Readers, users, customers and partners are now called upon to vote for their favorites.

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