Innovation Implemented: mgm technology partners proudly looks back on 30 years of efficient software development

“I remember our journey, the people and entrepreneurial decisions very well. But actually, so many exciting things have happened in every phase that I am still totally captivated by the present and the next concrete steps.”
(Hamarz Mehmanesh, CEO and founder of mgm technology partners)

Hamarz Mehmanesh, CEO and founder of mgm technology partners

mgm is life

Shortly after the company was founded in the 90s, Hamarz Mehmanesh and his team had already found their purpose: To start producing business-critical, highly scalable, and secure business applications. Back then, just like today, this required outstanding technical engineers. Daniel Brodkorb, now a member of the management team, Wolfgang Filser, head of the Hamburg branch, and Armin Amon, A12 architect, started out as part of the joint development team in 1994. Just like many other colleagues who are still with us today.

mgm has been able to grow and maintain its culture around this nucleus of people with shared technical ideas, united by an appreciation of long-term collaboration as a philosophy of life. This has also been achieved through the selection of the management team*, which has been constantly working together and expanding since 2004.

Back in the 2000s, mgm was already known throughout Germany as a boutique for complex business applications (e.g. global price management systems, digitalization of specialist tax procedures, enterprise commerce shops, core insurance systems). Together with the dedicated range of services offered by its subsidiaries mgm consulting partners (management consulting for digitalization), mgm security partners (security) and mgm integration partners (SAP process optimization), mgm now covers the entire spectrum of digitalization projects.

Facts and figures

As a German medium-sized company, mgm has been successful from the very beginning and has consistently achieved solid profitability with sales of over € 120 million.

mgm is global

As a result of the company’s business success, the need to retain highly qualified people at mgm in the long term and to offer them a modern workplace in an attractive location also grew outside Germany. With this idea in mind, mgm is now represented at 21 locations in 7 countries.

Whether Hamburg, Grenoble, Prague, Porto, Da Nang or Washington: each location is a production site with the same responsibility as all other branches. At this point, mgm’s vision was also internationalized with “Innovation Implemented”.

Loan Thi Phuong Ngo, mgm branch manager in Da Nang, on the value of mgm’s sustainable culture: “We are currently responsible for implementing various A12 modules and customer systems. We need stable teams for this. Here in Da Nang, the competition is enormous, and our culture helps us a lot to keep staff turnover low.”


mgm: efficient software development

“The development of critical business applications is much more complex today than it was 30 years ago. A CIO not only has to manage various development projects simultaneously and harmonize their architecture accordingly. Cybercrime threats have also massively increased the demands on application security.” Based on this assessment, Mehmanesh and his team reorganized the company’s strategy more than 10 years ago: “We need to become more efficient so that our customers can benefit from this.”


In 2012, mgm began investing in the development of its own low-code development platform A12 (alliance of all mgm projects in 2012). Following the company’s internal transformation, over 80% of the software in the form of customized enterprise systems and mgm solutions is now A12-based. Mehmanesh personally leads the A12 development with over 100 developers and experts: “I am very satisfied with what we have achieved so far. Many A12 components are used in various projects today.” Dr Steffen Weber, mgm’s second Managing Director alongside Hamarz Mehmanesh, adds: “We are getting our first version into production faster, the amount of duplicated work is decreasing, and the maintenance is also less dependent on individuals. This directly benefits our customers.”

Dr Steffen Weber, mgm’s second Managing Director alongside Hamarz Mehmanesh

Even in the age of AI-driven software development and low-code, recruiting great engineers remains a key success factor at mgm. “We offer an exciting technical environment, great clients and an attractive culture. And we are always happy when a candidate joins mgm instead of Google, Meta or Apple. The next few years are going to be incredibly exciting,” says Mehmanesh, looking confidently to the future.

*Of course, Hamarz Mehmanesh needs a team with a common value base to lead mgm. These are: Dr. Daniel Brodkorb, Franco Cerreto, Till Gartner, Beate Harr, Marc Philipp Gösswein, Frank Kneschke, Sergio Lerena, Gertrud Rossa, Karl Schick, Dr. Steffen Weber.