Premieres are always something special: This year, the professional portal “Dev-Insider” nominated mgm for the Readers’ Choice Award in the category “Low Code / No Code” for the first time. Behind this are the renowned IT awards of Vogel IT-Medien, which are in their eighth year of competition. 

In 2021, the seven “Insider” editorial teams of the Augsburg-based media company, from “BigData” to “CloudComputing” to “Storage”, had previously compiled a shortlist for 42 categories “with the ten most important companies in each of the last twelve months”. This year, the development work and the success of the low-code platform A12 have now convinced the editors of Dev-Insider.

Please cast your vote for mgm here:

Low code vote for mgm & A12

Hamarz Mehmanesh, CEO of mgm and a major driver of the development work around the low code platform A12, is extremely pleased: “We are honoured to be nominated alongside well-known international industry giants and several other German and European vendors. A12 is a platform for the development of complex enterprise business applications. Their nomination shows that low code platforms are also making their way into the architectures of business-critical applications.” Ansgar Weiss, A12 project manager for seven years: “With the highly specialised team, we have created an industrial software production that makes not only our customer projects but also ourselves much more efficient. This applies to all areas, from kernel, engines, data services, workflows and widgets to model editors, UI/UX and QA to security and build & deployment.”

Vogel IT-Medien’s Insider portals report an average of 1.2 million page views per month, making them “one of the most important independent sources of information for IT creators in Germany”. covers the topics of app and software development, DevOps and DevSecOps, as well as user experience and UI design, among others. Stephan Augsten has been editor-in-chief since 2017.

To vote, go this way (in German) – open until 31 August 2022.

Image source: Jason Dent on Unsplash