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Remote Work: How leaders can motivate employees in the home office – Podcast and...

Remote workers can quickly feel isolated and lonely in the home office. Managers have a special responsibility for motivation within the team. What otherwise creates personal interaction and communication in terms of motivation must now be achieved remotely through other approaches. How do you motivate employees remotely?

Remote Leadership – Coordination creates serenity and team spirit

The current work situation presents managers with a major coordination task. But by reflecting with the right questions they can create orientation, calm and team spirit.

Remote Leadership in crisis mode – How managers can successfully manage their team remotely

Communicator, coordinator, crisis manager - executives who have to remotely manage their team from one day to the next and additionally secure business are subjected to an immense stress test. Micromanagers now find it even more difficult than in normal operations. The right balance between (virtual) presence and letting go is the virtue of the hour for bosses in a state of emergency.

Disruptive digitization in corona times: How to successfully switch to Remote Work? – Podcast...

Working in times of the corona crisis - a change that confronts us with a number of hurdles in our new everyday working life. How does a company, for which remote work was previously rather a foreign concept, deal with this sudden change? How can such a sudden digitalization take place? And how do you take the employees along with you?

How companies remain relevant in the market in these changing times

Change is the essence of all the progress. To stay relevant in such times, one needs to unlearn and relearn.

Leadership and beliefs – Interview and Podcast with Eva-Lotte Gnüg & Matthias Uebel

Belief systems in an organisational context are part of every corporate culture. These have a considerable influence on the implementation of changes in the...

mgm participates in comprehensive specialist publication “Realization Utility 4.0”.

Kann der Staat in Zeiten des digitalen Wandels in seinem Handeln souverän bleiben? Oder besteht die Gefahr, dass er das Heft des Handelns im Zuge der Digitalisierung der Gesetze aus der Hand gibt?

Presentation video: Benedikt Jost on unsuccessful agile transformations

In recent years, many companies have begun to move their organizations towards agility. Often, however, the expectations associated with this step were disappointed.

The energy revolution is not possible without digitization – Interview with Philipp Richard, dena

Interview with Philipp Richard, Team Leader Energy Systems and Digitization, German Energy Agency (dena) Philipp Richard is Team Leader Energy Systems and Digitization at...

Mobility should simply happen: the future of public transport at Hamburger Hochbahn

Interview with Dr. Britta Oehlrich, Head of Business Area Development, Hamburger Hochbahn AG Dr. Britta Oehlrich is head of the Business Area Development staff unit...