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ESN and mgm at smarter|service-Roadshow

From March 1 mgm will accompany the ESN smarter|service roadshow on five dates all over Germany. Topic: Making the benefits of digitalisation available to the...

Taming the Trojan Horse: Preparing Agility Effectively

Agility has been a hugely overhyped concept for quite some time. From two-guys-in-a-garage startups to globally active corporations or public sector contracting authorities, more...

The battle for electronic identity

The federal government is working to make the new identity card with electronic proof of identity more attractive. This additional function has so far met with little response from the public. Meanwhile, large private companies have a serious competition system for identification on the Internet.
AI, Blockchain, Chatbots - data quality first

AI, Chatbots and Blockchain: Data quality first!

The many current project examples of the insurance industry like AI or Chatbots show that it makes no sense to develop the future if to the present day flaws exist. The point is that automated processes can only be as good as the data available to the
Digitization changes role of Risk Manager.

Digitization changes the role of the risk manager

The assessment of the risks of globally operating companies is becoming increasingly complex. The task of the risk manager is to ensure stability and predictability in this environment. Digital technology offers a wide range of possibilities for processing the extensive data material required for this
Study Marsh_Wyman

Digitization captures industrial insurers – study by Marsh and Oliver Wyman

Industrial insurers rely on digitization The digitization of industrial insurers is progressing. Sales and customers are placing ever-increasing demands on insurers. Therefore, the use of...