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Insurance weekly News CV 21

Insurance weekly News: CV 21

Cyber risks and corresponding insurance solutions are increasingly occupying the industry. Soon the DSGVO will come into force - how far have German insurers progressed with its implementation? This and more news from the insurance industry in our overview.

Article at heise: „Echtzeitkontext für bessere Suchergebnisse auf Websites“

When customers search for products in online stores, their previous behavior and interests are mostly ignored. The relevance of search results can be significantly...

Big Data Summit 2017: GfK and mgm give a talk about the classification of...

Day by day the Internet amasses more text in the form of unstructured data. How can we process these large amounts of data automatically?

Classifying unstructured text – mgm presentation at the Apache Big Data

With their presentation „Classifying unstructured text – deterministic and machine learning approaches“ at the Apache Big Data Europe conference in Sevilla...

Big Data between technology and organizational culture

The introduction of Big Data in is not merely a technical challenge. Our presentation at the TDWI conference dispels the myth and sketches out a more comprehensive picture.

mgm at Big Data conference in Vancouver

„Data Science with News Headlines – Analyzing and Visualizing a Whole Decade“ . The presentation demonstrates how Apache tools can be used to “dig through” unstructured text, analyze and visualize the data.

Automated driving – lecture on data security and liability

At the European Data Forum in Luxembourg two conference days were entirely devoted to Big Data. Industry experts discussed, with researchers, political decision makers and representatives from community projects, the challenges of the emerging data-driven economy.

Experience Big Data live: mgm expert’s presentation in Nuremberg

Our Big Data expert Dr. Christian Winkler will present his experiences with the „Exploration of geo-spatial automotive data“ within the practice-oriented Big Data Lab 2015 for service providers and users of Big Data technologies.

mgm expert’s presentation at third Big Data Summit

Together with BMW software developer Isabella Eckel, mgm Big Data expert Dr. Christian Winkler will present the common project „Exploration of geospatial Automotive data“ at the Big Data Summit, „Focus Automotive“.