With another acquisition, we are getting an experienced product company and proven test automation experts into the mgm family: Effective 1 September 2022, mgm acquired Quality First Software GmbH (QFS), headquartered in Geretsried near Lake Starnberg in Bavaria.

Short & concise

  • mgm technology partners will become the sole owner of Quality First Software GmbH (QFS)
  • Investment in software testing strengthens one of mgm’s fundamental pillars and establishes a basis for integration in the A12 low-code platform
  • QFS founders remain on board as managing directors; product and locations continue to operate independently

QFS was founded in 2001, and the first commercial product version of QF-Test was launched the same year. The tool for automated UI software tests, well-known in the sector, is currently in use by clients worldwide. The two QFS founders and managing directors, Gregor Schmid and Karlheinz Kellerer, will retain responsibility over operations.

1,400 customers; investing in emerging technology

Around 1,400 businesses in 60 countries currently conduct GUI tests using the highly specialised tool QF-Test. The tool enables fully automatic tests of Java-, web- and Windows-based user interfaces and input masks to be carried out. Extremely comprehensive tests are enabled through individually created test cases. QFS uses QF-Test to self-test every night using over 30,000 automated test cases. QFS therefore stands out as an established and reputable provider of test automation software.

‘With QFS, we are integrating one of the leading businesses in the test automation sector into the mgm family and markedly expanding our quality assurance expertise and QA tool landscape,’ says Hamarz Mehmanesh, mgm CEO. ‘Furthermore, together we can establish an additional QF-Test product variant, one which is optimised specifically for automated testing of applications, based on our A12 low-code platform. The constant improvement of our development is core to our industrial software engineering approach.’

Dr Steffen Weber, member of the mgm management board, adds: ‘IT systems in the enterprise sector are trending towards cloud-based service structures, becoming more powerful and flexible, and therefore usually more complex. Additionally, development cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. Investing in a business that masters some of the challenges arising from this was a logical choice for us.’

Know-how for low-code platform and innovations

mgm itself has been a QFS customer for 13 years. In recent years, the use of QF-Test in numerous projects has become ever more intensive, and the cooperation has become closer. ‘For us, it seems like this is exactly the right time to align the maintenance and further development of QF-Test over the long term and implement our visions for technology together with an international and widely established software development company,’ says Karlheinz Kellerer.

‘For us at QFS, it was exciting from the start that mgm, a consulting and project agency, is pursuing a sustainable, long-term approach with the low-code approach and A12 platform,’ says Gregor Schmid. ‘I predict that real innovations for QFS and mgm customers can now arise from the economic and strategic merger.’

QFS on the Internet: www.qfs.de/en

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