More efficiency, less code: The synergy of DevOps and low code

Companies are constantly looking for innovative approaches to accelerate software development and increase operational efficiency. Two methods in particular have stood out here in recent years: low code development and DevOps.

While the low code approach streamlines application development with minimal programming, DevOps focuses on team collaboration, automation and continuous software delivery. Combined, these two methods form a powerful synergy that can revolutionise the software development lifecycle.

Short & concise

  • The combination of DevOps and Low Code enables teams to develop and deploy applications even faster, as Low Code platforms simplify coding and DevOps optimises deployment.
  • This combination enables teams to adapt quickly to changing requirements and respond more flexibly to customer needs.
  • DevOps encourages collaboration between development and operations, while Low Code also involves non-technical team members. This creates a transparent and inclusive environment for all software development.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is an approach that aims to improve collaboration between developers (Development) and IT operations teams (Operations). This is done with the aim of making software delivery faster, more reliable and more efficient. DevOps plays a crucial role in enterprise software development, as large organisations benefit massively from better deployment of their complex and scalable software solutions.

What is Low Code?

Low code is an application development methodology that uses visual development tools and minimal programming to speed up the development process and make application creation more accessible to people with different technical backgrounds. Even employees with a limited technical understanding can plan and implement software solutions after a short training period. mgm uses its own A12 platform for this purpose, which is used in enterprise software development projects for medium-sized and large companies.

How do DevOps and low code complement each other in enterprise software development?

1. Accelerated development

Low code platforms enable developers to create applications with less manual programming. This increases development speed and enables business users to create their own solutions quickly and efficiently. DevOps relies on automation and collaboration to speed up development and deployment processes. Integrating low-code tools into the DevOps process can further increase development speed.

2. stronger automation

DevOps emphasises the automation of development and deployment processes, while low-code platforms have many ways to automate tasks such as database management, user interface development and business logic. To achieve the highest level of automation, both concepts should ideally be used in coordination with each other, as this can minimise the effort required for recurring tasks, among other things.

3. improved collaboration

In traditional software development, the development department often works in a decoupled manner from the IT operations team, as the latter cannot provide the technical expertise in programming the software solution. DevOps is designed to foster collaboration between development and IT operations teams, and to ensure continuous and cross-departmental exchange. With the use of low-code platforms, employees without extensive IT training now also have the opportunity to actively participate in programming and to exchange ideas productively with the IT team. This facilitates cooperation between different departments and teams, which can lead to better understanding and more efficient development.


While DevOps and low code are two different concepts, they are intended to bring about similar changes in the processes of software projects. More automation, shorter development time and more efficient consultation between teams can be achieved through both DevOps and low code.

Companies achieve the greatest benefits through the productive symbiosis of these two approaches. We support this with many years of DevOps experience in the enterprise software environment and, if desired, with our own low code platform A12.

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