Overview of the news of CW 29/2019


Young brands outperform retailers

Companies such as Allbirds, Casper and Kapten & Son have succeeded in circumventing the trade and selling directly to end consumers. Olaf Kolbrück has analyzed how they do this for “etailment”.

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Caught in endless loops: How MediaMarkt & Co. fail at Voice Commerce

Many experts consider voice commerce to be a development that could disrupt retail. So far, however, many applications are still not convincing, as Stephan Randler and Ralph Hesse analyze in their current podcast.

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#Online Grocery

How marketing contributes to the success of Farmy.ch

The Swiss company Farmy was able to report profitability for the first time at the beginning of July. The role that marketing played in this success was reported by CMO Florian Laudahn in an interview with “Horizont Swiss”.

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Food delivery services in check: Who is top, who is simply expensive?

With Rewe, Picnic, GetNow, Amazon Fresh and Co., numerous providers are present in the still overseeable online grocery sector. But which delivery service can really convince? Stephan Knieps tested the companies for the magazine “WirtschaftsWoche”.

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Digitization in B2B includes a customer-centric strategy

Two out of three B2B companies continue to see digitization as a major challenge. Michael Döhler, Head of Consulting at Intellishop, explains in an interview with the ECC Köln why companies find change so difficult and how they can better position themselves digitally.

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B2B brands rely on digital business models to reach millennials among industrial customers

The age structure of B2B buyers is shifting more and more, so that companies operating in this segment are coming under increasing pressure. After all, the succeeding Millennials also want their professional purchases to be processed quickly as is customary in B2C business.

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#Platforms & Marketplaces

Online marketplaces: An exclusive circle

Probably every retailer would like to become a platform and profit from the economies of scale associated with it. However, according to a report by “Internet World Business”, only a few companies have the potential to enter the platform business.

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Expansion in e-commerce: Challenge China

With its huge e-commerce market, China attracts both retailers and manufacturers. However, market entry into the Far East is anything but easy. Matthias Hell took a closer look at the market and its hurdles for “Internet World Business”.

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‘Ecommerce UK accounts for 53% of retail sales by 2028’

A study by Retail Economics shows that the British e-commerce industry is facing a massive growth spurt. According to the study, more than half of all trade transactions will take place online in less than ten years.

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Good shipping communication increases sales in e-commerce

A dealer’s commitment should not end with the customer’s order. According to a study by Statista, companies can instead inspire customers with convincing shipping communication and set themselves apart from the competition.

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