Digital Commerce Consulting: The key to success in commerce

Trade faces a number of complex challenges at global and national levels. The stability and efficiency of global supply chains are threatened by geopolitical tensions, natural disasters and other unpredictable events that cause delays and bottlenecks. Another problem is rising inflation, which drives up prices for raw materials and products and affects consumers’ purchasing power. This leads to weak demand, which poses major challenges for businesses. Our advisory services are designed to help companies overcome these complex challenges and accompany them on the path of digital transformation.

Short & concise

  • Trade is facing a number of complex challenges at global and national levels.
  • Adapting to these new realities requires careful planning, flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.
  • Our advisory services are designed to help companies address these complex challenges and guide them on the path to digital transformation.

Adapting to these new realities requires careful planning, flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Companies need to focus on making their supply chains more resilient, managing price adjustments and finding innovative ways to reach and convince their customers.

Our strength: Market and process competence in commerce combined with technical know-how and implementation expertise

We understand the challenges that companies face today. Our team has comprehensive market and process knowledge in the areas of e-commerce, marketplaces, omnichannel, process optimisation and automation. Digitisation is not just about technology, but above all about the right strategies and processes. Our expertise spans various industries, from SMEs to corporations, and we deliver customised solutions for your company’s needs.

Our consulting services for your success

Our Digital Commerce Consulting is designed to support companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporations, in meeting the challenges of transformation. In doing so, we focus on the following seven points.

  1. Developing digital sales channels: We advise on the introduction and optimisation of B2C and B2B omnichannel solutions and realise new sales potential in the context of internationalisation and marketplace connectivity.
  2. Modelling commerce processes: We know the processes and challenges in the e-commerce environment – both on the sales side and in the direction of ERP, CRM as well as product data and media asset management and share our expertise with you.
  3. Customer-centric requirements management: We derive methodical requirements from strategic and operational business goals. We develop implementable, functional and technical specifications and ensure optimal requirements management.
  4. Selecting technology efficiently: We analyse the architectural framework conditions and derive precisely fitting best-of-breed technology solutions that we integrate into the existing IT landscape.
  5. Creating modern system architectures: With consulting and design of modern system architectures, we create a solid basis. By accompanying the implementation, we develop your tailor-made solution with precision.
  6. Manage projects effectively: We select agile, classic and hybrid methods and ensure project-specific, individual adaptation. Certified employees accompany and control your project.
  7. Making success measurable: The definition of suitable KPIs for commerce control serves as the basis for the development of recommendations for action to improve the conversion rate and performance.


In the digital world, successful sales channels and efficient processes are crucial. As a medium-sized management consultancy, we understand the needs of SMEs and corporations and offer customised solutions for setting up and optimising digital sales channels. We are your partner on the road to digitalisation and help you to inspire your customers and remain competitive.

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