Lecture Marcus Warnke, mgm: Complexity is the enemy?! Sometimes, sometimes not.

“You have to check exactly which domain you are in beforehand in order to remain able to act sustainably.”

Is everything really getting faster, more complex, more uncertain? Or does everything stay the way it is? Anyone with a clear idea of how completely new things can be combined with the optimisation of the old can safely navigate through the turbulence of digitalisation. Marcus Warnke shows simple tools that give orientation.

Marcus Warnke, Manager at mgm consulting partnersOptimization is so ’90s’, finds… wants to allow complexity, redesign cooperation, instigate cultural change Refreshing perspectives with which organizations can shape their path to digital transformation.

Key Takeaway’s Complexity is the enemy?! Sometimes, sometimes not

  • What are the strategies with which I encounter both the mature world and the new agile world?
  • The Cynefin framework helps you to sort yourself in the different action alternatives.
  • The environmental conditions in which we can reside can be divided into five domains: simple, complicated, complex, chaotic, disordered.
  • Depending on which domain I am in at the moment, I have to apply different strategies in order to act sensibly.
  • Before one surrenders to the impulse to act, one should first be aware of the domain in which one finds oneself in order to know which strategies of action are suitable in this case.

Action domains:

  1. Simple: Best Practice Approach Perceiving – Categorizing – Responding
  2. Complicated: Good Practice Approach Perception – Analysis – Reaction
  3. Complex: Emergent Practice Trying – Understanding – Responding
  4. Chaotic: Novel Practice Situational Acting – Understanding – Responding
  5. Disorder: Clarification process Which domain am I in?


Live recording of the lecture