Lecture Marcus Franke, Coca Cola (CCEP): Digital transformation as the core of IT strategy

“Everything that can be automated will be automated. Everything that can’t be automated will be extremely valuable.”

Digitisation is creating a paradigm shift in buyer and customer behaviour, which is why Coca-Cola European Partners is anchoring it in its business strategy. A business capability program not only defines the IT strategy, but also addresses the transformation of the business holistically.

Marcus Franke, Vice President Strategic Business Solutions, Coca Cola CCEPhas more than 15 years of management experience. Most recently, he was responsible for Business Transformation & IT at Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetränke AG. As part of the merger to form pan-European Coca-Cola European Partners, he assumed responsibility for IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture.

Key Takeaways “Digital Transformation as the Core of the IT Strategy”

  • The economic power is shifting away from the big brands via the retail chains to an informed and independent buyer.
  • This requires a “Connected Customer Experience”, an overall strategy that takes multi-touchpoint and multi-channel aspects into account.
  • Almost everything that can be automated or digitized will also be digitized. Everything that cannot be automated will become extremely valuable.
  • The ideally designed business processes determine the IT infrastructure and the required capabilities.
  • It is not the IT that determines the need or the process, but the business model that determines the process and the capabilities. The rest of you follow.