“Realisation Utility 4.0” – concentrated expert knowledge for the digitization of the energy sector

Like many other industries, the energy industry is in the midst of digital transformation. The two-volume specialist publication “Realization Utility 4.0”, which has now been published by Springer-Verlag, sheds light on how this upheaval can be successfully managed.

The two volumes deal with practical alternatives for tomorrow’s energy system on the basis of selected solutions. Along the entire energy value chain, more than 150 experts from utilities and IT companies, consultants and start-ups present real applications and describe successful business models.

Digital customer needs present energy companies with new challenges

Four heads of the management consultancy mgm consulting partners also share their knowledge with the reader. In their chapter “Energy and Digital Lifestyle”, Anna Medkouri and Peter Schirmanski explain how customer needs are changing and what far-reaching effects the generation change is having on established providers. Accordingly, companies must not only fundamentally revise their product portfolio, but also adapt their service quality to the high standard that customers from other industries such as online trading or financial services are accustomed to: intuitive, always available, multi-channel capable and, above all, customer-oriented.

IT as the central hub of a digital energy industry

Olaf Terhorst and Marcus Warnke, on the other hand, deal in their chapter with the role of IT for Utilities 4.0. In their experience, IT is currently developing into a determining factor independent of the business model. In order to survive in times of high pressure to change, customer needs must be understood and implemented digitally, data sources must be linked and developed into innovative, data-driven supply concepts. This leads to new forms of cooperation, not only between individual departments, but also among employees. Where IT used to function as a service provider for departments or business, it is now the central hub. IT is business and business is IT.

About “Realization Utility 4.0”

From Marcus Warnke’s point of view, the two-volume specialist publication edited by Oliver Doleski is a real milestone: “It is currently the most up-to-date and comprehensive compendium available on the market and shows what is really important in implementation. We are no longer in theory, we are in practice.”

“Realization Utility 4.0” was published on 6 October as an e-book by Springer-Verlag and will soon also be available in bookstores. Further information can be found here:

Only available in German:

Volume 1 „Praxis der digitalen Energiewirtschaft von den Grundlagen bis zur Verteilung im Smart Grid“  (The practice of the digital energy industry from the basics to distribution in the Smart Grid)

Volume 2 „Praxis der digitalen Energiewirtschaft vom Vertrieb bis zu innovativen Energy Services“ (The practice of the digital energy industry from sales to innovative energy services)