mgm technology partners GmbH has announced a new partnership with Mirakl, the industry’s first and most advanced enterprise marketplace SaaS platform. Thanks to its leading technology, expertise and ecosystem, Mirakl enables over 300 of the world’s most trusted brands to launch, scale, and curate online marketplaces with ease.

While eCommerce business has accelerated rapidly worldwide in recent years, enterprise marketplaces are growing at double the rate of overall eCommerce. Two-thirds of consumers today prefer online marketplaces over conventional eCommerce, guaranteeing their dominance for decades to come. These trends are not unique to B2C businesses, in 2021, B2B eCommerce sales totaled $1.63 trillion, up 50% from 2019. This was fueled by the rise of online B2B marketplaces, which grew 130% in 2020 alone, or 7x faster than the pace of overall B2B eCommerce. To deliver on these fast-evolving expectations, the world’s top enterprises partner with Mirakl to build and scale their own online marketplaces. Platform models offer the optimal solution – improved productivity, agility and flexibility for all industries.

With Mirakl’s enterprise marketplace software, both the product range and the product selection of the online platform can be easily expanded and turned into a one-stop shop or highly curated marketplace. Online brands and online retailers in particular can thus effectively use and expand their customer access. There are advantages for all parties involved: Marketplace operators face neither inventory risks nor logistics or storage costs because all goods sold via the platform are processed, shipped and, if necessary, returned directly by the partner company. With a small initial investment, sellers gain access to additional customers via a new sales channel – using the pay-per-success cost model. Thanks to a larger product selection and product depth, customers have a wider range of products available.

Easy connection to existing eCommerce platforms

The Mirakl solution can be integrated into existing online platforms or used to set up a completely new marketplace. Using API-based technology and unlimited scalability, the Mirakl Marketplace Platform connects directly to the systems and solutions of other partners in the eCommerce ecosystem. This enables the automation of processes – such as seller onboarding, third-party catalog integration, decentralized order management and invoicing and payment to sellers. The platform solution helps companies to achieve stronger growth through maximizing revenue, increased use of data and improved customer experiences.

“We are convinced that with Mirakl we have found the best platform solution existing on the market to help our customers to successfully launch and scale a marketplace,” says Daniel Brodkorb, Head of Retail/E-Commerce at mgm technology partners GmbH. “With Mirakl’s technology and its connection to various partner ecosystems as well as our expertise in commerce, online marketplaces can be implemented even faster and more promisingly.”

Marketplace experts among themselves

mgm supports companies in introduction or restructuring of platform projects – from analysis and development to implementation and operation of various market models. More than 100 experts of business analysis, development, product data modeling, marketplace specialists as well as security are available for this purpose.

Collectively, the platform teams at Mirakl and mgm have decades of marketplace experience. Both companies have successfully implemented hundreds of ecommerce enterprise projects. More than 300 companies in over 40 countries already rely on Mirakl’s SaaS marketplace software to power their marketplaces, including numerous international brands. Mirakl has headquarters in Paris and Boston, and has a German hub in Munich.

Thanks to this partnership with Mirakl, mgm can help current and future customers      implement a fully functional marketplace in a short time, enabling online players to accelerate their marketplace journey.

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