Short & concise

  • Industrial insurance brokers GGW and mgm technology partners have been working closely together on a project-based basis since the beginning of 2020.
  • Aim of the co-innovation: digitalisation of the GGW insurance processes and initiation of digital business on a platform.
  • Teams with diverse experts in both companies work together transparently and
    at eye level.

The GGW Group from Hamburg, owner-managed medium-sized industrial insurance broker, and mgm have entered into a strategic partnership. The aim of the close cooperation is the almost complete digitalisation of GGW’s insurance processes on a new software platform, which become a blueprint for a digital business network between insurers, brokers, MGAs and others. The platform will thus develop its full potential in terms of efficiency and new business models if as many customers and insurers of the GGW Group as possible are also digitally connected in future. The long-term goal is also to open up to other companies in the sector, such as brokers and agents.

Common business objectives form the basis

With this partnership, both companies are taking an unusual path for their respective industries: GGW and mgm are jointly driving forward the development of the IT systems, learning from each other and supporting each other in the pursuit of the overall objectives. The commercial agreement is also aimed at achieving common business objectives.

“At GGW, we cannot meet the challenges of digitalisation alone, as process and system competence will play a decisive role in the long term alongside insurance-related expertise”, says Benjamin Zühr, responsible for project management and digitalisation at GGW. “The digital business is intended to expand the strong position in the industrial broker business as quickly as possible, secure future growth and increase efficiency through automated processes. A partnership from which both sides benefit immediately and downstream creates precisely these opportunities for us,” says Zühr.

Formula for success: Transparency and interdisciplinary teams

“In the industrial insurance business, too, the platform concept can only work if everyone works together as transparently as possible and at eye level,” says Marc Philipp Gösswein, Executive Vice President at mgm and responsible for industrial insurance. GGW’s diverse specialist and business areas would give the new platform optimal added value over several years for the long-term development of a network of autonomous and secure portfolio management systems.

At GGW and mgm, interdisciplinary teams of IT infrastructure experts, business analysts, insurance experts, developers and project managers work closely together across several locations. The teams have broken down the highly complex path of complete and seamless digitalisation of all GGW processes internally and externally into a large number of sub-projects. In this way, they will gradually complete the digitalisation of business areas and customer portals, claims management and customer service.

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