Overview of the news of CW 19/2019


Service or high-tech: How can brick-and-mortar retail survive?

In the current “neuhandeln” podcast, Stephan Randler (publisher neuhandeln.de) and Ralph Hesse (e-commerce coach) shed light on the possibilities of brick-and-mortar retail in competition with e-commerce.

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Upload filters vs. e-commerce: The impact of Article 13

The European Union recently introduced its controversial Copyright Directive. Lawyer Linda Thiel clarifies in the “Versandhausberater” whether and in which way this reform also has effects on online retail.

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When will Alexa, Siri and Co. really understand us?

The recently published podcast of the magazine “etailment” deals with the topic of artificial intelligence. Together with the AI expert Dr. Arndt Schwaiger, editor René Hempe analyses the current status quo and possible business models.

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#Online Grocery

The online revolution in the grocery retail sector has been cancelled for the time being

Despite the intensive efforts of numerous suppliers, German grocery retail is still characterised by brick-and-mortar shops. Erich Reimann explains why this is the case in his article.

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Amazon Fresh currently only delivers fresh food to the outskirts in the mornings and evenings

According to the findings of the “Supermarktblog”, Amazon Fresh limits the delivery time selection of its customers in suburban locations. Peer Schader tries to discuss the strategy behind this policy in his contribution.

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Free delivery: Online supermarket Picnic wants to grow rapidly in Germany

In contrast to some other suppliers, Picnic continues to expand in Germany. What does the Dutch company do differently from its competitors? “t3n” editor Jochen G. Fuchs took a closer look at Picnic.

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“The B2B sector has to change its value proposition”

What are the challenges facing B2B trading and what key competencies are required to continue to be successful in this segment? Prof. Dr. Werner Reinartz, Director of the Institut für Handelsforschung, and Dr. Kai Hudetz, Managing Director of IFH Köln, discuss these and many other questions in the ECC blog.

>> ECC Köln

Many still laugh at Amazon Business

Many B2B traders tend to underestimate Amazon Business. From the point of view of Andy Huber, Head of BRACK.CH Business, such an attitude is a dangerous mistake. Instead, the B2B retail sector also has to rethink its approach.

>> Xing

The best technical wholesaler – Max Meister of Ludwig Meister

The Ludwig Meister company is active in the technical wholesale business. In the “Kassenzone” podcast managing director Max Meister describes the special challenges of this business model and reveals, how he positioned his family company digitally.

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East Commerce: How Chinese Behave When Shopping Online

With about 1.4 billion inhabitants, China is an interesting market for numerous companies. But how do Chinese customers think? The “E-Commerce-Report” of Rakuten Marketing gives important hints.

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“The consumer behavior of Chinese customers is different.”

The wishes and needs of Chinese customers are also a central topic of the “Internet World Business” interview with Karl Wehner, Managing Director DACH, Turkey and Eastern Europe of the Alibaba Group.

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Advertising is the most common negative experience in online shopping

Which experiences are particularly disturbing for online customers? The digital association Bitkom is investigating this question in a recent study. The result: customers are particularly annoyed about unwanted advertising after a purchase.

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