Overview of the news of CW 26/2019


Exchanges #228: Who buys and sells what (and why)?

In their current “Exchanges” podcast Jochen Krisch and Marcel Weiß observe some movements in the market and discuss the background of recent deals and IPOs.

>> Exciting Commerce

Sharing Economy: What is the real potential of rental commerce?

Examples like Spotify, Netflix and DriveNow demonstrate: Access to products is increasingly more important to customers than ownership. But how can business models be built on the basis of the Sharing Economy? Stephan Randler and Ralph Hesse talk about this question in the current “neuhandeln” podcast.

>> neuhandeln

#Online Grocery

Reishunger.de – Successful in the (food) niche with Sohrab Mohammad

Can a successful business model be built on a product like rice even in digital times? Sohrab Mohammad has tried it with his company Reishunger.de and reports on his experiences in the “Kassenzone” podcast.

>> Kassenzone

CC#28 | André May (Karlsberg Brewery)

After the departure of Armand Farsi, Michael Peters, Head of Business Development at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, took over the podcast “Commerce Corner”. The first guest of the new host is André May, who will report on the digital business development of the Karlsberg Brewery.

>> Commerce Corner


How expondo inspires B2B customers in Germany and Poland

Piotr Stoch, founder of expondo, talks about demanding professional customers, price-sensitive restaurateurs and the difference between Polish and German consumers in an interview with the magazine “etailment”.

>> etailment

#Marketplaces & Platforms

Has Amazon’s share of German e-commerce sales now been decoded?

An email from Amazon to some Marketplace dealers is currently raising a stink. Based on information contained in the mail, the company’s turnover in the German marketplace, which has so far been kept secret, could be estimated at 10.25 billion euros for 2018. Meanwhile Amazon denies the figures.

>> Internet World Business


E-Commerce in Turkey up 38 per cent

Figures from the market research institute Nielsen confirm the potential of e-commerce in Turkey. Accordingly, the sales volume last year rose by 38 percent to 5.8 billion euros.

>> Hürriyet


PWA: Mobile means progressive in the future

Christiane Fröhlich deals with the possibilities of Progressive Web Apps. In her article for “Internet World Business” she highlights three concrete use cases.

>> Internet World Business


Actico survey: 43 percent of German consumers prefer personalized offers

In view of a recent study by the software provider Actico, German retailers should concentrate more on personalizing their offerings. So far, companies have been too seldom able to meet consumers’ demands.

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Foreign shopping threatens price strategy of consumer goods manufacturers

High price differences within Europe for identical products lead more and more consumers to buy in foreign online shops. This is the conclusion reached by the management consultancy Oliver Wyman in a recent study. This puts pressure above all on the price strategies that are still managed nationally in many companies.

>> Oliver Wyman