Overview of the news of CW 30/2019


E-Commerce growth of 11.3 percent in the first half of 2019 – Germans increasingly use e-commerce for their daily needs

The growth of e-commerce will continue in 2019. According to the Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel (bevh), revenues in German e-commerce rose by 11.3 percent in the first half of the year compared with the first six months of 2018.

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CC#29 | Christoph Haberbauer (TDDC)

In the current Commerce Corner podcast, host Michael Peters welcomes Christoph Haberbauer, Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Digital Distribution Company (TDDC). Together, the two talk about platforms and marketplaces as well as the internationalization of e-commerce.

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#Online Grocery

Carrefour, Jumbo, Morrisons – European supermarkets agree: food deliveries are becoming really important

The innovative strength in German online grocery seems to be declining a little. For Peer Schader from the “Supermarktblog”, this is reason enough to take a close look at the digital activities of the European competition.

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How does Whisky.de work?

For whisky lovers, Whisky.de is certainly one of the first places to go on the World Wide Web. Thanks to excellent content presentation, the company was able to establish itself as one of the leading online merchants for whisky. In the “Kassenzone” podcast, Managing Director Ben Lüning reveals more about the recipe for success.

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Exchanges #230: Shoptech for yesterday, today and tomorrow

Jochen Krisch and Marcel Weiß, on the other hand, dedicate their current “Exchanges” podcast to the latest developments in the shoptech sector. The two come to rather pessimistic conclusions.

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Market overview: Which shop software for which purposes?

The “Internet World Business” has also created a market overview for common shop software. In the first part, the magazine highlights the solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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#Platforms & Marketplaces

Gamechanger Platform Economy: How platforms have changed the game rules of retail

The platform economy is revolutionizing retail in depth – this is a finding of the new IFH focus study “Gamechanger Platform Economy”. This development could pull the carpet from under linear business models in particular.

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The Federal Cartel Office reaches an agreement with Amazon: What you need to know now

After intensive talks, the Cartel Office and Amazon reached an agreement: Amazon is reforming its dealings with marketplace traders, in return the Cartel Office is discontinuing the ongoing abuse proceedings. What this agreement means for marketplace traders, “etailment” has summarized.

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“France is the land of marketplaces.”

France is an interesting internationalization target for many retailers. But what do German companies have to take into account when expanding to the West? Sabine Treml, Manager New Key Accounts at Lengow, gives important answers in an interview with “Onlinehändler-News”.

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Shopping mile: Consumers expect multi-channel shopping experience

More than every second German customer researches products on the Internet, but then makes his purchases in a retail shop. Blis comes to this conclusion in the current study “The Real Retail Story: Evolving shopper behaviour in EMEA”. However, to benefit from this behavior, retailers should invest in in-store innovations.

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