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EU Regulation on Geoblocking: Tips for online retailers

As of today, December 3, 2018, the new Regulation on Geoblocking will apply in the European Union. This means some changes for online retailers. In a video tutorial, the certification service eTrusted explains what companies now have to consider.

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Half a year of GDPR – and no end in sight

Another far-reaching EU regulation, on the other hand, has already been in place for half a year. Six months after the introduction of the GDPR, the “E-Commerce-Magazin” looks back and takes stock.

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#Marketplaces & Platforms

Big Tech: We need to rethink digital monopoly building and market concentration

Scale effects are making platforms like Google, Facebook or Amazon bigger and bigger. This development has now also brought the German antitrust authorities onto the scene: Proceedings have been initiated against Amazon. In his blog “neunetz”, Marcel Weiß devotes himself to this topic and develops recommendations for action for the antitrust regulation of platforms.

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Group purchasing organizations are a perfect match for platforms – Interview with Christoph Hosang

Group purchasing organizations have some important assets for survival in the platform age. In an interview with the ECC Köln, Christoph Hosang of Raiffeisen Service explains how long decision-making processes can be accelerated in a group purchasing organization in the digital age.

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Successful online to offline marketing

Nine out of ten Google users regularly search for local offers, half of the users make search queries to retailers via their smartphone. This shows that online and offline trading are moving ever closer together. But how can these channels be successfully linked together? Sara Herrera gives some valuable tips for balanced marketing in the blog “Handelskraft”.

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Retail-As-A-Service: Opportunity for brick-and-mortar retailers?

While brick-and-mortar retail is coming under increasing pressure, more and more online pure players are pushing their way into shopping centres and city centres. The problem here is that many of these online retailers lack the know-how that ensures success in the over-the-counter retail sector. With their expertise, brick-and-mortar retailers could open up new business opportunities. However, start-ups seem to occupy the niche.

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E-commerce in the Alpine countries: Upward trend continues

E-Commerce is growing in Austria and Switzerland. As the EHI Retail Institute and Statista found out in a joint study, the 250 online shops with the highest turnover generated an increase in turnover in 2017. However, the main beneficiaries of this development are the front-runners in the sales ranking.

>> EHI Retail Institute

How long can Swiss e-commerce continue to operate independently of Amazon?

For a long time, Switzerland’s online trade was hardly influenced by developments abroad. As a result, some innovative retailers have been able to establish themselves within the Alpine country. But how long will Switzerland’s e-commerce be able to develop independently of Amazon? In a video interview, Dr. Kai Hudetz shares his assessment of the future of Swiss online trading.

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84 percent of Germans buy from their mobile devices

Mobile commerce has finally established itself in Germany: As Mastercard found out in a study, more than four out of five Germans also use their smartphone or tablet for shopping. 48 percent even do this often or always.

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