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5 theses on future retail

The speed at which retail is constantly transforming is enormous, making it almost impossible to predict what it will look like in the future. Thorben Fasching from Open Reply nevertheless tries to make a prognosis in his guest article in the magazine “Internet World”.

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Group purchasing organizations: Many strategies, one goal

How can GPOs pave the way for their members to e-commerce? Susann Neumann uses four examples from different industries to illustrate the possibilities.

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Additional business or cannibalization? What retailers think of Black Friday

The discounts of Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the dominant topic of the past weeks. But how do traders actually judge this sales event? The online magazine “neuhandeln” has asked some companies.

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#Online Grocery

Online grocery: niche providers excel with innovative business models

Especially the traditional supermarket chains continue to find it difficult to establish themselves in online grocery. Meanwhile, start-ups are flourishing with innovative concepts. In his article for “t3n”, editor Tobias Weidemann describes why.

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Online delivery service: From the country for the country

Commercial online grocery providers focus primarily on urban areas. At the same time, rural regions in particular are suffering from the loss of local food supplies. Therefore, the Steinwald-Allianz, a municipal association in north-eastern Bavaria, developed the “Mobile Dorfladen”, an online delivery service for primarily regional food. A model for the future?

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That’s why fresh groceries bought online are fresher

The belief that fruit and vegetables are fresher to buy in over-the-counter shops than in online shops is one of the biggest obstacles to the online grocery sector. However, Thomas Lang explains in the Carpathia blog why this conviction of many customers is a mistake.

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#Marketplaces & Platforms

Sports and Outdoor Industry: The Marketplace Lie

The sports magazine “SAZsport” and the management consultancy Ecom Consulting have examined and found out about the marketplace strategies of manufacturers and retailers in the sports and outdoor market: Manufacturers and retailers have recognized that a marketplace presence is important for future business success. However, options for action are still too seldom derived from this insight.

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Platform in sight

This year’s Neocom recently took place in Bonn. Platform economics became a central topic of the event. In a follow-up report, the “Handelsjournal” explains the most important theses.

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Digitizing customer relationships – What the “B2B Monitor” reveals about sales arguments in B2B e-commerce

The Carpathia consultancy recently published the “B2B Monitor” study, in which several Swiss B2B companies were asked about their digital initiatives. According to the study, companies are aware of increased competitive pressure and the need for digital added value for customers. But how can such added value be created? Franziska Kunz, editor of the “Handelskraft” blog, gives a few tips.

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In seven months to a B2B marketplace – Interview with Katja Hauser and Eileen Scharf from Conrad Electronic

On 27 September, an ECC forum dealt with the topic of “B2B e-commerce in the platform age”. The organizers talked to Katja Hauser and Eileen Scharf from Conrad Electronic, among others. In a video interview, the two explain how their company succeeded in building a B2B marketplace within seven months.

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Dropshipping – the easy way to omnichannel business?

Dropshipping, which has been known for decades, is experiencing a renaissance in e-commerce. Smaller retailers in particular see this model as a low-risk entry into online trading. Nevertheless, there are some pitfalls to consider.

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