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Florian Heinemann: “Offline is not necessarily bad”

What options will bricks-and-mortar retail have in the future? And why are online pure players increasingly trying to be present in the pedestrian zone? In an interview with “etailment” investor Florian Heinemann explains his point of view on current trends in retail.

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Recommerce: The trend with secondhand goods

Secondhand will remain a niche, even in the fashion sector. With this thesis Gerrit Heinemann, Professor of Trade at the Hochschule Niederrhein, has raised a stink in the last few days. The magazine “Internet World” is attempting to counteract this.

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#Online Grocery

The food industry as an innovation driver at the #Groceryshop

Last week the conference “Groceryshop” took place in Las Vegas. Jochen Krisch, who runs the blog “Exciting Commerce”, was on site and reported in several posts about the most exciting insights of the event.

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Planning B2B shops properly

The entry into online trading presents B2B companies with special challenges. Martin Pfisterer, Managing Director of ElectronicSales, gives five tips in his guest article in the “Handelsjournal”.

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Omnichannel and consumer experience are the future of retailing

Even in times of digitalization, bricks-and-mortar retail has a future. This is the conclusion of a study by JDA Software, for which the company surveyed 12,000 consumers from 10 countries. For example, 38 percent of respondents still prefer shopping in a shop, but the convenience of online shopping is also appreciated. Retailers should therefore develop holistic omnichannel concepts, recommend those responsible for the study.

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Consumer Barometer 2018: Winning millennials with an overall digital strategy

Consors Finanz also came to a similar conclusion in its consumer barometer 2018, according to which retailers in particular who want to convince young customers of their value must provide impressive omnichannel offers.

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Germany is lagging far behind when it comes to mobile payments

In no other Western European country do so few people pay at the checkout with their smartphone as in Germany. Just 11 percent of all smartphone owners favour mobile payment in shops.

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You’ve got mail

According to a recent study by the EHI Retail Institute, 95 percent of the 1,000 largest online shops in Germany offer a newsletter. Email marketing thus continues to be one of the most popular communication tools.

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Live chats, chatbots and Co.: Customer dialogue is an important differentiating feature in e-commerce

It is hard to imagine e-commerce without personal customer services. According to a joint study by ECC Köln and iAdvize, 81 percent of the companies surveyed already offer services such as call backs and live chats.

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