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Dynamic Pricing in Retail: New Tools with AI

Dynamic pricing has long since established itself in the retail sector. The integration of artificial intelligence could raise price optimization to a new level. However, new tools could also call the competition regulators onto the scene.

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The problem with the cancellation of smartphone purchases

An ever-increasing part of e-commerce takes place via mobile devices. This presents retailers with new challenges – especially with regard to the conversion rate. In his article, Thomas Ottersbach mentions a number of starting points for counteracting the discontinuation of purchases on smartphones.

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Despite holiday gains, the future of voice is uncertain

Voice commerce was one of the defining topics of 2018, and this was no coincidence: Amazon alone has already sold over 100 million Alexa devices. So far, however, customers seem to rarely use the products for their purchases. According to alleged internal documents, only 2 percent of the owners of an Alexa device used the virtual assistant to place an order.

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CC#26 | Dr. Thorsten Harzer (Qiagen)

Shortly before Christmas Armand Farsi welcomed an interesting guest from the B2B retail sector to his podcast “Commerce Corner”. He spoke to Dr. Thorsten Harzer, Head of Digital Accelerator at Qiagen, about the special challenges of B2B e-commerce and asked him how Harzer and his team managed to increase his company’s online sales by 40 percent over the past four years.

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#Online Grocery

Who to look out for in the online grocery market in 2019

The beginning of the year is traditionally the time for forecasts and predictions. Jochen Krisch also takes the turn of the year as an opportunity to look at the coming trends in online grocery. In which direction will competitors such as Amazon Fresh, Getnow and Picnic 2019 develop?

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Why Delticom sells food in addition to car tyres

Recently, Delticom became a talking point when the car tyre retailer bought AllyouneedFresh, one of the largest online grocery retailers in Germany. How do tyre and food retailing fit together?

>> Peiner Allgemeine

Food delivered ‘right into your fridge’ is the future, says Walmart’s e-commerce chief

What does the future hold for online grocery? Marc Lore, e-commerce chief of Walmart, dares to make a forecast in conversation with CNBC television. He creates a world in which customers don’t even have to place orders to fill their refrigerators.


Driverless vehicle startup Nuro begins delivering groceries to Kroger customers in Arizona

In the US state of Arizona, on the other hand, Kroger is already experimenting with a specific future technology. Together with the start-up company Nuro, food in the community of Scottsdale will in future be delivered by unmanned and autonomous vehicles.

>> VentureBeat


The Omnichannel lie

Over-the-counter retailers like to advertise that their customers are able to combine the advantages of online and offline trading. The reality, however, is often quite different. In his report, “t3n” editor Tobias Weidemann vividly explains why retailers often are their own worst enemy.

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This is how Swiss e-commerce works

What drives e-commerce in Switzerland? Swiss Post is answering this question in a recent study for which the company surveyed both retailers and customers. Swiss Post presents the results very clearly on its own website.

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Online shopping in China: European products are very popular

Western products are highly valued by Chinese customers – this is the conclusion of a study by Rakuten Marketing. For example, 66 percent of respondents would be interested in purchasing products from Europe. According to those responsible for the study, European shop operators should benefit from this wish.

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Every eighth online purchase is returned

With the growth of e-commerce, the number of returns also rises – this was found out by the association Bitkom in a study. According to this study, every eighth online purchase (12 percent) in Germany was returned in 2018. Two years ago, the figure was 10 percent.

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