Overview of the news of CW 31/2019


How Momox could become the market leader by trading used books – Heiner Kroke

One does not necessarily need newly produced goods to be successful in e-commerce. Momox, the market leader for used books, shows that there is another way. CEO Heiner Kroke explains the secrets behind this success in the “Kassenzone” podcast.

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Virtual assistants: The future of online shopping?

The subject of voice commerce has always been considered to have a great future – even though the big breakthrough has not yet taken place. In his article for “stores+shops”, Markus Oliver Peitz nevertheless gives some tips on how retailers can prepare themselves.

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Conversational Commerce: How to get started

“t3n” takes his guidebook a little further. In her article, Anja Schmidt not only examines the use of virtual assistants, but also customer dialogues in general.

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Progressive Web Apps: there is no way around them in e-commerce

Many developers and decision-makers see the future of online commerce in the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). But what is behind these new applications? Henryk Fiedler, Senior Commerce Solutions Leader at Magento, provides information in his article.

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Uber Talks With European Supermarkets About Grocery Delivery

The e-commerce business continues to struggle with the delivery of groceries. Now another company is trying to gain a foothold in this lucrative market. As “Bloomberg” reports, Uber is looking for European trading partners. Allegedly, talks are already being held with the British supermarket chain Sainsbury.

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B2B: Sustainable customer relationship requires (digital) integration into the value chain

The personal relationship between sales representatives and buyers continues to be the focus of most B2B companies. Gero Becker advises in the ECC blog that they should nevertheless keep an eye on digitization options.

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Alibaba, Amazon and Co. are showing the way: Brick-and-mortar retailers must dismantle barriers

Accenture Managing Director Thomas Täuber is convinced that in order to safeguard their business in the future, brick-and-mortar retailers must overcome their fear of digital technologies. What is necessary for this step, he explains in his guest article for “etailment”.

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Consumers want omnichannel engagement, study reveals

A joint study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Pitney Bowes shows how important omnichannel offerings are to customers: 85 percent of respondents prefer to interact both digitally and physically with brands. However, most survey participants are not convinced of the companies’ activities to date.

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Shipping abroad – how online merchants overcome the hurdles

The project to export goods abroad presents online traders with a variety of challenges. Micha Augstein, founder and managing director of Parcel.One, explains in his guest article in “E-Commerce-Magazin” what companies have to pay attention to.

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Ecommerce in Russia to reach 19.74 billion euros in 2019

Russia could be a worthwhile target for expansion. After all, e-commerce is also growing strongly there with a 19 percent increase in turnover. Thus, 16.35 billion euros were generated in 2018.

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