Lecture Steffen Schairer, E.ON: How to ride the Digital Wave

“Digitization is not about IT, it’s about people.”

Like many other companies, E.ON is faced with a growing demand for digital solutions. At the same time the customer expects more and more flexibility and responsiveness. How can this wave of digital initiatives be managed in order to maximise its impact? Steffen Schairer gives answers.

Steffen Schairer’s favorite is to see an organization transform and follow strategies to achieve business results that before seemed out of reach. In his current role as “Head of Solutions” he drives Digital Transformation in the areas of agile software development and lean product delivery at Business IT Digital at E.ON SE.

Key Takeaways “How to ride the Digital Wave”

  • Digitization is not just an IT issue, it’s all about people.
  • Digitisation is team sport, but teams consist of individuals.
  • The individuals must bring the right skills and mindsets so that the team can outperform. This requires continuous training and work on the corporate culture.
  • Continuous process of self-reflection: Are we doing the right things and taking enough time to analyse what is really going on?
  • You ride the digital wave with the triad: people – platforms – processes.