Lecture Matthias Schwanitz, rEVUlution GmbH: Challenges of the energy industry – Sales & Service rethought

“Challenges of the Energy Industry – Sales & Service Rethought”

New, digital business models combined with competitive channels are an answer for energy providers to increasing cost pressure and changing customer behavior. rEVUlution shows how lower cost to serve is a key for digitization strategies in Sales & Service.

Matthias Schwanitz has been active for almost 30 years in management functions in sales (B2B, B2C) of various energy supply companies within and outside the RWE / Innogy Group. Since the beginning of 2018
he is involved in the establishment of REVUlution GmbH, where he is responsible for the sale of “energy supply companies”.

Key Takeaways “Challenges of the Energy Industry – Sales & Service Rethought”

  • The energy market is characterised by a number of new challenges:
    • Customers also expect digital services from utilities such as Amazon and Netflix. Acquisitions almost exclusively take place digitally (e.g. on price comparison portals).
    • The number of competitors working the market with hard calculated prices is increasing.
    • Current IT solutions can offer neither low costs nor fast adaptation and reaction times and carry a historical backpack around with them.
  • The energy market needs a revolution instead of evolution. Instead of further developing existing systems, new greenfield initiatives with a clear UX/CX and CtS focus should be developed using the MVP approach.
  • For this purpose, rEVUlution mainly turns three set screws:
    • Digital customer experience: building self-service and innovative service channels such as chatbots.
    • Reduction of the costs per customer and year (CtS): In view of the price pressure, costs should be reduced by reducing the range of services to things for which the customer is prepared to pay and which have established themselves as the market standard, by dispensing with non-value-adding interactions with the customer, and by the characteristics of the system platform.
      to self-service and automation.
    • Modular IT system: Modular white label & full service system enables fast time-to-market of market trends through MVPs.

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