Lecture Dr. Ruth Betz, OWNR: The sense of the disruptive

“Efficiency eats innovation for breakfast.”

Digitization is not an end in itself, but serves to scale the customer focus. It captures people and encrusted markets and turns them upside down. Dr. Ruth Betz shows concrete options for action in the beautiful new digital world.

Dr. Ruth Betz, CDO at OWNR, is a digital artist. Her path led from Google to Bertelsmann, Airbnb, mgm and Bauer Xcel before she began to turn the real estate market around with OWNR.

Key Takeaways “The sense of the disruptive”

  • It’s always about the customer and the product first, never about digitization.
  • Digitization is a tool to meet the needs of the customer.
  • Digitization takes time. It only works by picking everyone up and reducing their fears.
  • First think, then digitize. Technical expertise is not a prerequisite, but common sense is.
  • Digitisation can enhance people’s abilities. She doesn’t have to replace people forcibly.

Dr. Ruth Betzs lecture in full length