Lecture David Mertin, holidaycheck: Ship ahoi – Digitalization in the cruise industry

“Inspire, guide, transparent, simple, safe, everywhere.”

Cruises are booming. In 2017, more than 2.7 million Germans booked a cruise and spent almost 4 billion euros on it. But around three quarters of all Germans still do this offline – but the market and sales are becoming digital. More and more young, digitally affine holidaymakers want to go on a cruise. This presentation shows the opportunities and risks of the “digital” ship world and explains why digital cruising will still be a major challenge in 2018 with the help of a few anecdotes.

David Mertin, Business Leader Cruises with HolidayCheck AG is a digital expert with a great passion for innovation and new business fields. He has more than 10 years of professional experience in various digital companies and industries: from music, streaming, film, TV and publishing to tourism.

Key Takeaways “Ship ahoy! Digitisation in the cruise industry”

  • The cruise market has grown by 200% since 2004 and is currently experiencing an enormous rejuvenation. Only 25% of holidaymakers currently book their trip online.
  • The cruise is an optimal digital product, because in the end you need above all an overview and comparability, the best possible visual impression of the ship as well as evaluations and advice.
  • What the portals lack most at the moment is holiday friendliness. They have only transported the catalogue world onto the Internet and are not using the possibilities of digitisation.
  • HolidayCheck wants to accompany the cruise customer throughout his entire customer journey and develop the offer above all from the customer’s point of view, above all to be transparent and simple.
  • The fast profit is waived and value is placed on the long-term satisfied customer, so that he books again with HolidayCheck.
  • The problem is that a large part of the required data is not available in digital form and must first be laboriously assembled and digitized.