Lecture Benedikt Jost, mgm: Agiler Mumpitz?!

“The change from an existing stable state to an agile stable state is rubbish.”

The journey to an agile organization has its pitfalls – and too often ends with mischief and ineffective transformations. This is sometimes due to completely wrong ideas about the future target state of the organisation. Benedikt Jost enlightens!

Benedikt Jost, Principal Consultant with mgm consulting partnersAfter the experiences with large waterfalls and classical process organizations, it was time for something new! After the successful proof that agile management can be more than just Scrum and small lighthouses, it’s time to hold a flaming credo for “just do it”.

Key Takeaway’s Agile Bollocks.

  • Classical organizations consist of processes, roles, projects and hierarchies that form a very stable state.
  • The attempt to transform this stable state into a “stable agile state” is doomed to failure because it does not change the pattern of thought.
  • Think of a coral reef that’s alive. It develops and changes constantly, it is a permanently unstable state.
  • This requires a common sense and purpose, consistent customer orientation, willingness to change, new management principles (empowering & enabling) and common values.
  • Look for a foundation for your company on which a living organization can develop. Try to be the most beautiful coral reef in the ocean!

Live recording of the lecture