Lecture by Anke Dewitz-Grube, Robert Bosch GmbH: Living ambiguity – how Bosch Powertrain drives change

“Living Ambidextry: How Bosch Powertrain Drives Change”

It happens simultaneously and only works if all levels are present. From change management in mergers to agile work in everyday life: a dialogue about culture and the ability to act in times of disruption and digital transformation.

Shaping change, across borders and in dialogue – that’s what has inspired Anke Dewitz-Grube for almost 30 years. As an organizational developer, she accompanies executives and teams in perceiving the powerful potential of tensions and in creating solutions in both the individual and the team.

Shaping change, mastering complexity, living values – that’s what has been inspiring Marcus Warnke for 30 years. As an organizational developer and coach, he advises companies in transition and people who bear responsibility for change, while being able to act even in challenging situations.

Key Takeaways “Living ambiguity: This is how Bosch Powertrain drives change”

  • Disruption and transformation are not new developments, but have a history. Even company founder Robert Bosch had to continually expand and diversify his portfolio.
  • In the area of mobility, for example, combustion engines have come under fire. There are several alternatives. But which one will prevail? Or does diversification remain?
  • This shows that the nature of the change has changed. You have to walk a path without knowing where your end lies.
  • Added to this are the special requirements of the engineer-driven environment in which Bosch operates:
    • Working with the 80-20 rule is difficult.
    • There is often no intermediate information.
    • There are often shorter iterations than usual.
  • Agile structures can help here, but you also need leaders,
    that hold the big picture together. The different roles
    and their tasks, however, are part of a negotiation process within the
    of the company. However, recommendations for action should be given.
  • Coaching interviews help employees with sparring and sorting
    of one’s own thoughts.

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